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Comedy - Original

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May 4, 2006 | 2:10 AM EDT

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

Another rant :|

And a rant about restaurants. Well, I've not had much problems with the restuarants. Maybe their own birthday songs will be annoying, but I learn not to bitch about it. The only problem I really have with restaurants is waiting quite a long time, but eventually, I will get the food that I want. Also, the voice, damn, I wish it wasn't a high pitch voice since it's not always easy to know what Foamy is saying. :(



Rated 0 / 5 stars


Oh, I get it. That's exactly how I feel.


Be more creative k?


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Work on this.

Eventually people are going to stop coming back if every week all they hear is "I don't like public places and I'm a complete shit-faced dick head about it boo boo boo."
Give your characters some depth and consistency. I noticed a call back to the first Foamy's Rant. That's nice, but it's not enough. Foamy shouldn't be defined as "a squirrel that talks and is an asshole," but that's where he's at as far as character developement.
There's no spirit. He conforms to whatever the situation calls for him to. If you're writing on a whim, think about where you trying to take Foamy, and if it doesn't suit him, use another character. Pillze and Bagelly both have well-defined personality traits. They're very shallow, but you've spent some time developing and characterizing them. That's a nice direction to take. Foamy is all over the place, though. He needs something to tie him down and make him more than a thinly veiled mouth peice. He's the center of the entire series, but he's got no soul.
You can't think "what do I need my character to do?" You have to think "what would this character do in this situation?"
Let your character drive your narrative, and you won't be limited to merely reaching into the depths social commentary.

Your animation needs work. What does the back of Foamy's head look like? Does he have a snout? How round is his head? Where do his body and head connect?
You have some drag for in-betweens on the hands, but it's a deformed mess, and it's very distracting to the conscious eye. His hands seem to become a mass recalling white noise for a fraction of a second, then reform in another pose a frame later.

Take some pride in your work. Put some thought into this.
You're selling t-shirts for a character with no motivation or consistency. It hurts your integrity.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

give me a fucking break

so you get ice cubes and warm tea together, when in reality, you want cold tea with ice cubes in it.

Listen very carefully...

you put the Ice cubes IN THE TEA and wait.

And if you don't want a birthday song or whatever, don't mention it to them. You could even ask the waiter or waitress not to bring up the song. They're paid to be attentive, courteous and speedy with your food, and all you do is nitpick about things that no sane person would have a problem dealing with at all.

And the idea to pay according to how satisfied you are is a horrible idea, because then everyone will be as critical and nitpicky as you and run the restaurant out of buisness. Maybe if you lived somewhere like germany where the tip is included in the bill, you'd have something to complain about, but here the tip is optional and it encourages those who work ALL DAY FOR YOU to do a good job and make sure you're happy. Foamy first says a little disclaimer of his own at how much he enjoys eating out and whatever, and although that's fair, it seems to weaken his argument considering it's the second disclaimer in the flash so far. I think you just mentioned that some restaurants are great and whatever because your argument is so petty that it doesn't even apply to the majority of dining experiences anyone has had. And even the annoying minority, these things that irritate you, NOBODY CARES ABOUT. Normal people can laugh things off. You just need to find something to nitpick about so you can continue this crappy flash series.

Oh...the movie? Same old foamy, so the scores are as follows.