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Apr 18, 2006 | 4:54 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Rough this guy up and then use the title of an emo band as an ironic death. I do not endorse the killing of Emos (even though it is fun) and to any emos out there, why don't you CHEER UP for christ's sake it's not all that bad! Seriously all you emo whiney bastards who come on and start slating me in the reviews, you're only proving my point you fools!!! either way this is only meant to be a bit of fun and not meant to be taken seriously, enjoy :D



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars April 21, 2006


i was reading alot of the reviews and what is wrong with u guys what u r sayin is nearly close to racisim ill say this much im nt emo but the whole depresion thing.... something u need to understand dont judge people by first glance if u get to know them maybe u actually know what they are like and not say all the sterotypical crap just because they dress different act different listen to music u dnt like im nt seein why u care ITS NOT YOU evry1 is different in someway bein sterotypical isnt exactly the way to go my advice try to get to know them and this is my opinion towards the music u guys like i dislike it if someone dosent like the same stuff u do big deal i dnt seewhy u care if some1s different and if any1 says this review is abusive or not helpfull then they are denying the truth and cant just learn to become tolerant and yet again i mean no offense but I tolerate preps I feel no reason to insult them because they are different befor u judge some1 see their side of the story damn this is a long review.. ahh well... peace.... 1 more thing to the author of this dont upload flash that can be insulting to people


Rated 5 / 5 stars April 21, 2006

good if ur bored. not funny, but that's ok

just read sikopath's review, because it's just the same as mine, (except for the mom going to councling and stuff like that.) im sure ur mom will get better!


Rated 4 / 5 stars April 21, 2006

so so

not too good of a game but i like the idea

and anyone who says fall out boy isnt emo (ive heard that by a few people before)
look up emo music on wikipedia and go down to the third wave


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars April 21, 2006

truly awsome

you know the best part of this flash was just reading all of the emo and goth kids reviews. for all u emos and goths plz read this. ok we understand that maybe some bad thing have happened to u guys and maybe u have to suffer sommething evry day of your life. but u dont have to feel that ur so sad that ur just gona stay that way for the rest of ur lives listening to music of people telling their stories of suffering and pain. try to cheer up and overcome your god damn dipression. i understand it sux, my mom is constantly going to rehabe and couceling but im still a ok and i go to school evry day andn am happy to see my friends (who r not emo). so just get over it. maybe if u listened to happy music you could maybe cheer up but instead u guys listen to music that is gona make u even more depressed. and if ur relay that f@!# up , GO TO COUNCELING OR A DAMN SICOLOGIST SO U CAN SPEAK ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS AND OVERCOME THEM. good flash


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars April 21, 2006


nice but there something missing i think you need more killing only had like in total of 8