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Apr 16, 2006 | 3:00 PM EDT

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The Thread - As this is a Battle Flash vs the American Zombies (another ngs users) Twin Ninja

The goal of this flash is to take another persons ninja (from newgrounds forum) and totally humiliate them, and kick their weak pathetic ninja asses with Inu Daiben, the Ultimate Ninja Supreme!

I'm glad it made frontpage, hopefully more people will be creating UNS style flash as we battle it out for the Ultimate Newgrounds Ninja!



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Those voices where sooo annoying and the jokes where terrible. Great graphics though..

PureCarnage responds:

Well, they needed to be annoying... This is the Ultimate Ninja Showdown where I have challenged NG BBS users to a ninja flash battle.

The twin Ninja are someone elses (The American Zombie) ninja and well, I need to crush them, humilliate them, make the world laugh at their pathetic weakness thus forever making Inu Uri Daiben the most powerful Ninja ever to storm the Portal!

Muh-wah-ha! Ha ha ha! HA HA HA!!!!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Nice idea making it in 3d, but i thought no# 1 twin was actually a girl lol. :P

Fighting was a bit lame, but it's still good.


PureCarnage responds:

Yeah, I am going to be forced to put more effort into the fight scenes now that its on front page. #4 is on in developement, will try to work out the fight scenes with more detail. I actually finally have a technique that I didn't have for this episode which makes it a lot easier.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was... decent.

It was pretty funny, but... the whole 'whiny ninja concept', was waaayy too long... probably to take up some time (and focus) off the horrible fighting scenes. then again, this flash is supposed to be funny, so i guess the fight scenes didn't have to be good.

PureCarnage responds:

Yeah, I agree I pushed the whininess, but keep in mind, this is a battle flash and the Twin Ninjas are another BBS users challengers (The American Zombie) so I really wanted his ninjas to be annoying, sucky and winey thus making my ninja uber cooler when he finally kills them.

Thus holding his place as the Ultimate Ninja Supreme!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Hey man, i was wondering, were those 3D models connected through a skeleton? or were they just tweened in 3D? because the movements were pretty good, and i cant seem to find whether swift has some kind of skeleton function.

Thanks for making this series :D

PureCarnage responds:

Not swift, they are rigged characters converted to vector for the flash :D


Rated 4 / 5 stars


that was pretty good! the 3d is really slick, and gives it an added "ooh" effect while watching. just a bit of confusion though, considering you're making all these flashes, how can anyone elses ninja win???
cool flash though! :)

PureCarnage responds:

Let's say I have a terrible sense of humor, and well... when I started the thread to Ninja battle, I was at that moment just thinking a thread about people posting ninjas. Then, I thought its trivial for me to make the goofy drawing of Inu Daiben 3D and rip out some fast funny flash... thus UNS was born. And I hope for flash artists make flash submissions, the highest ranked flash from the portal wins.