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Mar 17, 2006 | 9:54 PM EST

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Please help to get this movie into the Sonic The Hedgehog Collection

The good old days of Sonic and Tails, you're running along doing good, then all of a sudden......ah, just watch the movie

Whoops, forgot the credits.

Everything in this movie is copyright of SEGA and SonicTeam
Sprites from multiple sites, cant remember which, but thanks for making them



Rated 5 / 5 stars December 27, 2007


May be short but still great, also this never happened to me wanna know why?
Because I alway played either Sonic alone or Tails alonein Sonic 2 that way this thing never happened to me :P

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RicStrife responds:

Yea, I learned to do that after a while XD but as a kid, I always thought it made the game easier


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars December 23, 2007


why did you have to put something that happened so many times while I was playing?

RicStrife responds:

that was the whole point of the animation? why mark it down low for being exactly what is was supposed to be?
just cos you're bitter you lost so much?
Alot of people, including myself have had this happen, so the comedy is drawn from this fact.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars October 27, 2007

*This* is what sprite movies are all about.

Not flashy motions, not random pop culture references, not {x} vs {x}, not 'mario got decapitated on the flagpole lol!!1', etcetcetc... To me, it's about clever movies where it actually reminds you of the original games, and this one has it. That little two-tailed bastard stole more bubbles than I can remember and it still irks me. (Though I eventually just used Sonic solo)

The Flash isn't great looking and it's amateur material sure, but it's actually funny, unlike 2/3 of all sprite movies I've seen in the past two or three years. Sprite movies like this used to be real fun to watch, then it all started going down the shitter. No wonder people hate them so much now. Aside from the whole visual and 'you didn't make them blalbablbla' aesthetic, they just aren't entertaining to watch now. It's like there's some unwritten rule on NG somewhere that now all sprite movies have to be confined to being about only five subjects or so. Really, I was so goddamn relieved to actually see something unique like this after all those horrible sprite movies that have cluttered the Front Page for years and years now.

Wow, I went off on a tangent. Must have been the coffee. Anyways, good work, and I hope your future intentions are just as good. Peace.

RicStrife responds:

I agree, I try my best not to be like the other 2/3 of sprite animators, I try to make things people will enjoy. This was a quick 6 hour project made to help clear my head a long time ago.
I like to make comedy related to the games, unlike some other random jokes >_> *cough oddball crackups cough*
I would really like to hear your views on my later animation, Sonic 15 Years of Mistakes. And the soon to be finished sequel :P


Rated 5 / 5 stars October 5, 2007


that was funny,short and awsome!

RicStrife responds:

Thanks, if you liked this, I recommend you watch Sonic 15 Years of Mistakes


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars May 27, 2007

that was funny

yeah, i remember when Tails used to steal my air bubble in different stages, but you can't blame him (can you?) that's why you gotta be fast enough to get the bubble before Tails takes it. oh, and btw, why does Tails appear in Sonic 1 if his first debut was Sonic 2? i just noticed that, but this was very clever!

RicStrife responds:

Well, you see, I was pretty new to sprite work back then, and I only had one Sonic water stage XD so I used that, now I could use any XD but that was quite some time ago now. and yes, I will always blame him xD