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Aug 31, 2001 | 4:57 PM EDT

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Steve Irwin, "Animal and Crocodile Trainer Extraordinaire" depicted in a Foster's Beer commercial spot.



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It's funny how the comments are all glowing praise until 2004 when suddenly they become negative and then outright irrationally hateful. Though the first one in 2004 was reasonable, he was actually making valid criticisms. I'm kind of surprise the transition wasn't when he died though, but suddenly 2 and a half years earlier. Maybe that's when they stopped showing those fosters commercials. So allow me to be the first comment in 6 years, longer than the total duration the sentiment was negative, and give it the best rating in more than 10 years. Because you know what? I do remember those stupid fosters beer commercials. And this is not just making fun of the crocodile hunter, it's also mocking the stupid-ass commercials, which deserve to be mocked in any age. They are only outdone in obnoxiousness by geico commercials. I want to destroy geico. Man, if I had a trillion dollars, I would buy out berkshire hathaway just so I could destroy geico. Or maybe make them put out commercials where they apologize for the last 10 years of commercials. Especially the one with the camel on "hump-day". Maybe put out another one where the camel's like "do you know what day it is?" and then one of the employees would say "yes I do." and then he would have a look in his eyes and a perverted grin on his face, and the camel would be backing away and be like "oh no, no, wait, stay away, I didn't mean THAT, put your pants back on, oh god no!" and then the screen would have a big bar across it that says "censored". Also that would mean that I would own dairy queen. So anyone who wants to see that happen, get me a trillion bucks and it'll be so.


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Wow, some people...

This wasnt really a good flash, but im gonna give you some credit.
And the reviewers below me exept the first, can just die for being faggots...yay!!!
Oh gotta go my toaster is overheating...


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


This was made BEFORE Steve Irwin died! There were parodies on TV of him before he died, as well... And... I'm American. African... American female, and not all Americans are stupid...

Eh, whatever. Yet another useless review from Sinistar-Phoenixxx.



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Rated 0 / 5 stars

Your a jerk

How could you make a flash about steve irwin like that.
You gay english bastard.