Interrogation of Dead Guy

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Comedy - Original

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Aug 30, 2001 | 11:29 PM EDT

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The title explains everything. the second or 3rd toon I ever did. Thats why it is only in sticks. First with an actual story...that sucks.

Well I had worked on a massive MASSIVE remake! I put a ton of hard work into only about 1 minute of footage onto this massive non stick remake. It was going to pay tribute to a bunch of movies such as Lucio Fulci's Zombie, Irreversable, and probably alot more. I had a script and story board that I worked on for like a month atleast. It was beautiful! i just got used to working with flash, and all the scenes started spitting out of me like a MACHINE. Than I fucked up my OS and raped my harddrive, and lost about 3 months of hardwork. SHIT. I think its safe to say that there will never be a remake of this.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Oh i do apologise

Please excuse my grammer in my last review and i shall not make the sam mistake twice. alrighit listen pal you have potential i admit that but why take the piss out of religion that you (probably) know shit about? and hey arse hole i lost my uncle in the 9/11 incident you make me vomit bile

MakoSucks responds:

GRAMMAR. You lied you made the same mistake twice! This isnt a messege board or something ya know? Its a review, your supposed to review the movie. What does "take the piss out of religion" mean? What religion?! Piss? Religion in general?! wha>!$ *head explodes* Yeah even though you insulted me and shit, sorry bout the uncle being planed and all, but I'm not sorry for having a plane hitting the towers in my last avatar. Oh and if things I do or create make you vomit then my job is done.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Dude, this one is almost as good as baby basher. I think maybe a restart button would help lots but, shit happens. Good work, and keep this crazy shit up man

MakoSucks responds:

well this was my first non crappy toon so ya it needed work. I was gonna do a remake but i have a wirelees mouse and it sucks. I lost the old one so i dont animate unless i use old symbols. Soon I'll get a Wacom board and start animating again but until then you probably wont see much, maybe a few crappy toons.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Nice job on keeping it funny throughout the hole thing, and a lil interactivity and it would have been perfect. i love it. its official, i'm "refering" you and incouraging you to make more Golden works of art.

MakoSucks responds:

haha you didnt see the other movie did you haha!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Jhonnen is right...

If the author of this actually did NOT get the style from Jhonnen Vasquez, then I strongly suggest he/she check it out immediately! It's in tune with Jhonnen's "happy noodle boy" art style, and even the deadpan violence and random humor is right up the alley.

My own animation was somewhat inspired by Jhonnen (although I tried to avoid it) as well, at least in the "I Feel Sick" and "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" vein.

Overall, a simple and amusing animation.

MakoSucks responds:

what is a jhonnen?


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nicely done..

Great movie, the style was almost reminicent on Jhonen Vasquez in a quiet way.

The sound clip at the end took me by surprise and added an extra element to the film. :)

The only thing that went agaisnt it was the blatent use of Flash's library sounds.

They sounded great when flash was first invented, for a few weeks, but now they just hurt peoples heads. A suggestion would be to search around for free wavs, as there's a wealth of sound Fx out there from cartoon "boing" effects to Lightning and Weapons fire.

Seacrh around, or make your own, the 'flash' sounds detract from what would otherwise be a great movie. :(



MakoSucks responds:

well i took your adivec the first time i heard it back in 2001 and my other movies used great new sounds! too bad they sucked and i either removed them or they got blammed! fock