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Mar 8, 2006 | 3:26 PM EST

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A flash for a song called Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock by McLars. I have met the guy and he is a ledgend. Enjoy.
Wow! Hot Topic are celebrating 30 years of punk! Go them! *rolls eyes*



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But I want those Sex Pistols boxers!

I like the song. Its cool and it tells the truth. The video was awesome to. "Mom I got back from the mall im a punk now!" Lol.

sams11 responds:

Thanks for review dude =D


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hell yes

i feel like a skinhead getting really pissed off at hot topic, but that store pisses me off so much!! all the hot pink! all those fucking bunnys!! the bunnys!!!!!!!! cookie monster t-shirt's! sesemy street blows!... ok im com, good toon


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ive never been in hot topic cause that shit just kreeps me out but at da same time that was so freaking funny keep it up

sams11 responds:

Thanks for the review =)


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I liked it.

The song is pretty cool, I'd heard it before. G.G. Allin wasn't the best example of punk ever, but I like the idea of the song. I'm guilty of buying a Bad Religion shirt from Hot Topic, but I'm not proud of it, haha.
But yeah, I like what you're doing with the video and all. Added to my favorites. MC Lars is okay too.

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