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Mar 8, 2006 | 3:26 PM EST

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A flash for a song called Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock by McLars. I have met the guy and he is a ledgend. Enjoy.
Wow! Hot Topic are celebrating 30 years of punk! Go them! *rolls eyes*



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Haha, i loved it ^.^ best flash i saw today, im gonna go download that song, i've never been to Hot Topic Before but heard a lot about it, but yeah i dunno....>.>"

sams11 responds:

Hehe! Yeah MCLars is great. Am going to see him live for the second time soon =D


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hot topic is the biggest "punk" store ever selling way overpriced clothes to new punx to the scene like me (i was a victim *sniff*). I promise never to set foot in one again and FUCK THEM.
But to the guy a couple things back, the bondage pants on the internet are just as much as, and sometimes more than the ones @ hottopic. and fuck the guy before me because its clear hottopic is trying to be punk because on the website they say 30 YEARS OF PUNK. So yeah. But anyway fucking a, keep it up and i put it on my favorites

sams11 responds:

Thanks dude =)


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Holy Hell

Dude, I am so glad you made this. It is going straight to my favorites. I love it. I love you. I HATE HOT TOPIC! Once again, thank you for making this. Me love you long time.

sams11 responds:

Haha! Thanks for review =D


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that was great

yur right consumption by the modern day man using mommys money isnt punk rock ps if u know the followingthen your punk rock hit me back if u know what it means here it is REMEMBER REVELOUTION


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excellent video if a bit simple. well done. hope to seemore stuff like it

sams11 responds:

Thanks for review =D