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Feb 21, 2006 | 3:44 PM EST

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Author Comments

--------> VERSION 1.6 out now!

** Don't judge it badly just because it's made of sprites please! Thank You! **

This flash game features 10 RPG-style fights versus 10 bosses (round-based). You gain the weapons from defeated bosses while the bosses got weaknesses for themselves.

All passwords, weaknesses and secrets listed under:

New Features:

- all damage was doubled (except in last battle, slight raise there)
- Weapon Energy bar: gets filled with half the damage you take, energy
is used when you use any other weapon than X-Buster, when you run out
of Weapon Energy you cannot use special weapons!
- Critical Hits (+2 damage) added, random (20%)
- X now has hit animations and sounds
- 3 extra weapons were added: they appear randomly during any battle
except the last:
> Z-Saber: 12 damage, 1/8 chance to appear
> Nova Strike: 15 damage, 1/25 chance to appear
> Call In Zero: 18 damage, 1/64 chance to appear
- lots of cosmetic changes (backgrounds, effects, etc.)
- entirely new Stage Selection
- theoretically it is now possible to beat every boss with the X-Buster
- Sigma fight had to be deleted because the frame number got way too high
- 1 new password (for secret enabling)


- as a huge fan of the Z series, 4 bosses of the first 8 might dislike
getting last-hitted with the Z-Saber...
- The Big Secret: an invisible button enables a powerful and incredibly
cool secret...
(if you cannot find it, just mail me:

Hope you enjoy the new version. Sorry that it took THAT long (>2 years).

The game has an own timeline that fits in the main X timeline. You will get to know what happened with Dynamo and why X refuses to fight on the beginning of X7.

The weakness of Omega X is actually the same as in the MMZ series. The other two elements are kinda hidden but they are elements, energies, and no projectiles.
The last words of Signas refer to MMZ4 and Area Zero.

The weaknesses of the bosses are logical, at least I guess so. Ice is pretty bad for electricity, because water could cause something bad, right? A boss made entirely of metal might get really hurt by electricity. A swift boss is fast but he is also fragile which means heavy projectiles hurt him badly. Another boss is fast but isn't as fragile as the other one, so you need to "catch" him with a quick weapon. The little crawling thing might climb up a tall boss! And the hard shell of a boss might be cracked by a huge boulder. Flying things don't like to be forced to the ground.
(Some people posted all weaknesses in the reviews)

All passwords, weaknesses and secrets listed under:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hi there. I just wanted to ask you something regarding the website I CAN'T ACCESS IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!! So do you have other ways of accessing passwords, weaknesses, and secrets for this game?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

epic game 5 of 5 I would say my hardest bosses where dynamo and omega I did a buster run for this I didn't use any other attack it took me 5 hours to do the buster challenge because of dynamo


Rated 5 / 5 stars

my hardest battle was against omega x


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I appreciate the effort here, but the design of the mechanics is kinda overly simplistic. The "find the weakness for the boss" dynamic worked well in the original games because you were doing a lot of other stuff along with it, namely jumping and dodging attacks. Reducing it to a selection of buttons, all of which seem to do pretty much the same thing, doesn't really capture that same sense of excitement. It also doesn't help that the difficulty curve is skewed very heavily towards the easy side, I played it all the way through and never once was I in any real danger of losing a fight.
I think this best could have been fixed with the addition of other options besides just attacks, such as dodging, recharging, healing, etc. in order to liven up the combat, and making the robot masters considerably harder hitters so that you're actually required to use such things. Either that or introduce random enemies and sub-bosses so that X isn't always guaranteed to be at full health when he faces the robot masters, or possibly adding some upgradable stats so there's some kind of character progression beyond just collecting new weapons.
Basically, it really does just need the addition of more RPG mechanics to make it less tedious. Because at the moment it's really just a collection of platformer mechanics minus the mobility that provides that genre's key draw.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

grat game. REALLY! >:D