The HATTA's Rant

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Jan 13, 2006 | 6:17 PM EST

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The Hatta goes on his own rant.



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Act your race and then there wouldn't be any f****** wars between some races on why stuff is like this and that its not cause it just happened because it did you let it happen not someone else you did so stop complaining about why somethings in your life are the way they are be happy for what you have now and quite your dam whinging!


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Basketball is a n***** sport. The way they dribble up and down the court.


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I'm white, and I HATE racism. I'm all for blacks being blacks and whites being whites. But when it goes to some white kid going up to a black kid and saying " 'Sup n***a?", THAT'S where I draw the line! That's a true fucking story for most people. Most of the white kids at my old school would ACTUALLY talk to a black kid and began with the word "n***er" in their FIRST sentence in the conversation! That's bullshit, and we ALL know it! Stop being a fucking poser, and stick to your damn fucking race!

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all people! stop using the phrase "African-American" to describe all black people. its friggin annoying. i am BLACK, okay? no one in my family resides from Kenya,
Nigeria, or Sudan. No one! i mean, its actually kind of offensive. what if i went around calling all Spanish people Mexican or puerto rican? and all asians chinese?
Its not cool! and if a black person says "oh, well i prefer the term African-American" ask them if their family really is from africa. if they no, tell them to shut up and leave you alone for being an stupid prick. if they say yes, tell them the same thing but add, how the fuck am i supposed to know that?! and black people, dont use African-American as a term to refer to black people either. youll look like a douche.

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Wake up call.

I am not a fan of racism in any form, if it be to a white person or black person. But seriously. it has to STOP!!! I'm tired of these little punks whiter than an albino trying to act all "cool" or "gangster" I mean, just the other day three white kids came up to me at the gas station. One couldn't have been older than ten, and one of them said to me, "What up n***a?" If it wasn't for the police officer I would have beat the shit out of the kid. Look at me, I'm white and i don't walk around trying to "act black" You people out there that are like those three punks need to wake up, get out of your little fantasy, and deal with reality instead of actilg like a child! I urge the normal people in our society to spread my word and get rid of this neusance that bothers us.

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