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Jan 12, 2006 | 8:18 PM EST

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Thanks for Weekly top 20!
UPDATE- loosened up AI difficulty.
//For the first time ever, you get a chance to use Robotnik's weapons in a 1 VS.1 duel!
The game features 3 player sets- 1) YOU vs. AI ,2) YOU vs. your FRIEND, 3) AI vs. AI (for viewing fun.)
PLAYER1 controlls- arrow keys, and "M" to shoot.
PLAYER2 controlls- W,A,S,D keys, and "G" to shoot.

This is my second attempt at game making, as well as creating my FIRST AI that can fight! This was my final project for FLASH CLASS at FIT.(even though most of the action script skills I gained on my own).
Hope you will enjoy it!
NOTE:THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL SONIC GAME. This game is made as a PARODY on Sonic game, and has nothing more than FAN based purposes.
Most of the original sprites belong to Sonic games.
PS- Thanks to everyone whoever was helping me during this game construction.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awsome Game!

It is probably the 2nd Best Sonic game I played on the web! It's hard getting used to, but you can adapt. Some weapons I didnt know how to work (like those Giant Hands). The best level was the Water level, the 2 traps (Close in walls, and raise Water, which makes you move slower). I love Arena Interactivity.

Awesome game, keep it up!

Digimaks responds:

Yeah - that water level was always a real nightmare in Sonic 1!
But for some reason I liked it at last, and made a parody one here!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

How did this NOT get front page!?!

A 2-in-a-row front page debut for Dr. Robotnik!!!

This being the second one.

Excellent use of ParagonX9's remix of sonic 3 and SNK boss music.

Excellent use of sprites from all the genesis and beyond games, I thought everyone forgot about sonic's golden age, in all its 16-bit glory!

You, obviously, didn't.

As Robotnik once said, "...ME MORE BEANS... MORE BEANS!!!"
-some episode of AoSTH.

Digimaks responds:

I thought many times about that idea, when I played on my SEGA MEGADRIVE!
Only now I remembered Sonic once again, and brought back all the interest to sonic stuff.

About music track- yeah. i spent quite some time choosing a good music track for Menu. (In beginning I was planning to use some Sonic Menu track)
Also ZEROBASS made a good TWINKLE PARK Remix (in the sunset shore level.)

Hmm- never seen AoSTH thing though.
Thanks for playing, dude!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


A bit confusing on first-time playing but very easy to play. Nice job.

Digimaks responds:

Cool. yes it shouldn't be easy right away. that's because the bot has only one difficulty level, so he don't let you have a chance to get an idea of what's going on.
Probably in the next version, I will make a storyline with a raising AI difficulty.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I always imagined a game like this, and I'm going to build a Sonic game of my own this semester, very good.

Digimaks responds:

OH! That's great! In case you need help with action script or concepts or resources, don't hesitate to contact me! Will help you out with it!
(if you need great sonic sprites -look up at . they got a brilliant library of Sonic sprites!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Graphics: Great, even though some people arent too fond of Sprite Flashes I love them cause it reminds me of the old games

Style: Never seen a game in this fashion yet

Violence: Explosions onry!

Interactivity: No no, its a game, no interactivity [/endsarcasm]

Humor: Only humoristic thing was that Mario, and other randoms were there.

Overall: VERY NICE!

Bugs found: the AI shoots faster than you can, (get the Mine Sky Shooter for the AI and you'll see what I mean) The music is always on even after turning it off.

Secrets Found: Hold M when exiting Weapons to give Ships the Warplane look

Digimaks responds:

BIG thanks, buddy!
yeah- the shooting interval of AI is a bit faster than regular player- I felt sorry for helpless AI, so i gave em a little more power. (many commercial games have lot more unfair stuff like this - suck as Mortel Kombat- where AI know all COMBOS! ;) smooth move, eh?)

about music toggle.-
yeah that was childish - leaving it out like that. That's because I was buiulding for menu tracker first, but forgot to make sure it stops the main LEVEL TRACKS. silly-me :|
Oh well Tanks you enjoyed it!