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Dec 19, 2005 | 7:22 PM EST

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-Reuploaded at 08/30/2012-
Fixed a few bugs;
Fixed grammar and cleared dialog;
Added the newest info about or team;
Added link to our Website:;
Improved sound quality.

This is my new series movie, Sonic RPG...I've heard some ppl saying that dont like sprit movies, so I made mine with draws, I've heard some ppl saying that they like Rpg style on battles, so I made mine with a rpg style, but an interactive rpg style...Plz vote fairly, dont vote 0 just because you dont like draw movies, or rpg style, and leave your review with pros and cons...I hope you will like



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Game is awesome.
The First Battle - 230 SP /230 SP
You don't have enough Sp *Facepalm*

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

@kingcool2007 Go hate somewhere else! Try make a better one! This is always number 1!

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

Okay, honestly. I just watched the rifflash on Bikdiponabus's channel, and I must say, that describes this in a nutshell. One, the grammar AND spelling was absolutely terrible. I mean, seriously, you don't need THAT many grammar errors. Either you don't speak English or whatever, that's okay. But if you want anyone who is even partially in their right mind to play this game, please make sure you use a person who either speaks English as their formal language, or try to learn better English, as it is possible you were 5 at the time of making this movie/game.
My pros-
1. This seems to be a relatively neat idea. If you can fix your flash/grammar, keep going with it.
2. Look above.
My cons-
1. You have terrible grammar. As I explained above, get someone to help you.
2. You need to make better flash. Instead of using terrible faces like the one on Dr. Ivo Robotnik's face, please just have someone help you. Seriously, you thought having the tongue on the roof of his mouth was a good idea?!?
3. There are too many periods/question marks/exclamation points on the end of each sentence. Please, I know you're trying to put expression in their voices, but it's something called "Over-Exaggeration" that makes me feel like the text was inadequate.
4. The battle scenes. They disgust me. Honestly, I don't feel that only have ONE (!) option with sonic to fight was a good idea. You could have at least made him use some Spindash for 60SP, and homing attack for 100SP or whatever, instead of it being fully scripted. At least give the players some free roam instead of holding their hand the entire time!
5. Give the monsters HP. Instead of making the battle end after X number of turns, make it so that Chaos has 1,000 HP, or if Knuckles had 600-700. Nobody likes scripted fights throughout the entire game.
So in general, I give this one star.
Do you want to know WHY (even still, after the above) why I gave this one star?
Because of this, and this is an example if this was the first game of Super Mario Bros.-
Can you imagine a game like SMB where you could only move left, you couldn't jump, and you couldn't fall down? Every time you go to attack an enemy, the game will jump for you instead. Instead of jumping yourself to get the mushroom/coin, it jumped for you? And every time you killed something, it goes into 5 minutes of plot filled with retarded cussing/speech? And if you got to the room with Bowser in it, you had to wait until the next game?
This above is my rendition of what the game would be like if SMB was the quality of this. Don't forget the terrible flash drawings...
Now tell me, HOW did this get 7/8 episodes? And if it was because of the positive ratings, then HOW did this get POSITIVE ratings?!?
Augh. Nevermind 1 star. This gets nothing at all.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad.. But Sonic caint defented Chaos 0 and Shadow cant defented Knux..

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

it's great

but the graphics not so much but apart from that 9 outta 10

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