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Dec 11, 2005 | 9:29 AM EST

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****Guys, before you complain about the slow king question... look on the site****
If you dont like pokemon why did u click on this!
Use the arrow keys!!!! Read Instructions
I can garenty that the IQ test is 100% correct, if you think not, then think harder
I've fixed all the errors and made it a whole lot better
This took me about a month!
If you do not like pokemon, please vote it on the quality and the layout not just on, "i don't like pokemon, BLAM"
Because that's unreasonable
If you still dont like it please say how I can improve it
I dont no much about pokemon, and don't really like it that much, it was originally suppose to be a piss take, but I thought I might as well not let it go to no use, so I made the questions better, so here it is
Thanks for Viewing, Ps i like reviews



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


There's a problem with Question 2. If I answer Snowqueen (which you say is the right answer) you tell me its WRONG! So I have to press whatever the LEFT arrow represents to get the question right! And even an inexperienced shit like me knows you're only allowed FIVE Pokemon at a time!!

NB I only know Pokemon 1-300. From 2003-onwards it kinda got beyond me, so excYU-U-Uuu-seme!!

Aprime responds:

Have u even played the game, ur allowed 6 and thats a fact, search it up if ur sad enoff, but i no its 6

ooo and where is ur flash games or vids

I see nout!


Rated 2 / 5 stars


messy spelling and grammer but adequate quiz.

fun teen movies can have all the crappy english you can write, but tutorials, games and quizes should really have good spelling to give confidence to the viewer- especially all titles and large print (quiz is spelt with one Z)

cOq was just horrible to you. I am not interested in Pokemon but I viewed, reviewed and voted as you asked.

Aprime responds:

Thanks but this means alot to me if this goes in, you could at least have gaven it a 6, any way, thanks for the quiz thing or should i say quizz thing lol, please vote again, before this gets blamed, im crap at spellin cos my mums thai, and she da one dat teached me, lol, thanks for the advice, vote 5!


Rated 0 / 5 stars


theres like no one in the world that lieks fucking pokemon.. xept little bitches... Blam

Aprime responds:

errr u didnt read the comments ether did u, and how the fuck can u give interativity a 0, ur so fuckin dum,

If you dont like pokemon vote on the actual quizz
and why the hell did u click on dis if you dont like pokemon


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Dont resubmit

Hey this just got blammed yesterday. I am all for resubmitting with improvement but dont resubmit the same thing after it gets blammed

Aprime responds:

Wtf i made like 10 big improvements, and wtf u on about 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
Interativity a 0, wtf, i understand if you dont like the song, but y the fuck giv interativity a 0!

Plus u havent even made a single thing yet, and ur complaining about other peoples work, I bet u play that crappy game runescape, all u ppl r alike,

Think b4 u write messerges, i didnt resubmit this exackly the same, have you even tried look at it again

Plus thats why its 1.4, because i updated it, i bet u didnt even know that until i told u just now

If you dont like pokemon wtf did u click on dis


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Good show good show. And can i help you with the next one :P my aim is superkillershaun and my msn is please reply.

Aprime responds:

Help me with what???