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All NG Fads Die!!! 4.2!!!

rated 4.02 / 5 stars
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Nov 29, 2005 | 8:31 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place November 30, 2005

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Author Comments



Well, there were so many submissions to AFD4, that we had to make 2 versions. I know you’ll like this one as much as AFD4, because once again our artists take “Kicking fad’s asses” to a whole new level. And, hey, you might actually enjoy it if you have a sense of humor…who knows? Much love to all the fans…you guys make this worth doing.

Slipknot – People = Shit

- This version of All Fads Die!!! includes parodies or mass killings of:

Jackass Reviewers
Bitey Of Brackenwood
Numa Numa
The Star Syndicate



Rated 5 / 5 stars

love it

not only do i love this series, but i also love your song choices for the movies, very good taste. hope to see more


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love AFD... I don't get why other people don't...

I mean, c'mon the stuff you've had to put up with, im pretty sure I would do something drastic like... let's not mention that. Anyways really good, seriously who cares if a few video people get killed for fun who cares?!?!? Good... If you do I'll hunt you down...


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Go AFD...

Yet another good AFD turn out, I for one have always been some sort of a fan of it, you just have to like its blunt way of parody over absolutely every fad Newgrounds has ever cared to like and I just have to say I loved the jail interview at the end, now that was humor. Alright, enough joking around. Visually this one is as stunning as all. Understandable that all depends on the various artists but I think they did well this time around and everything was pretty much to my liking. Now just a bit of effort not to become a jackass reviewer...The style of it was as all of the series, pure, blunt and simple chaos with some general theme. Music was very fitting and fast. Usually this would be the point where I would suggest a seek option, but with respect to the artistic nature in all of us, I think a song like that only actually fits the flash if it is undisturbed in any way. I’m not sure I even dare to talk of violence considering how much there was of it. There was everything violence could represent starting verbal and ending with shooting, blowing up, chopping off, and so on. So while this all may seem pretty violent, in actuality it is just an expression of their emotions, violently. As far as interactivity goes I’m satisfied, sure it may seem at first only having a play button is a bit not enough, but in here is another factor. The action factor, when you are watching a movie that’s purely action you just can’t walk out in the middle and you love it no matter what’s playing. Not to mention stopping the song suddenly would make it loose all of its flare. So this is one case where I say, the simple play button is enough, even though I did enjoy the interview later. As far as humor goes, excellence. Every part of it is made funny enough to just keep watching. From the text to actual movie, it keeps you funny all way through no matter what. Every part you watch will bring a grin to your face, and that is...Value. now, in general what I can say about the sum of this movie is that is was absolutely beautiful, keep up the good work. And now a more detailed spectrum of my opinions.

Graphics: 9, this of course varies from each artist, and even though some were more distinct than others they still all usually kept a steady pace with each other. The one I noticed a bit more was numbers. So congratulations to numbers who caught my attention at least for the short duration of the flash..

Style: 8, I think that by now that the series has been established I can say it is a classic AFD style, which in fact means chaotic, random collaboration of every one who wants some fad/popular character dead. And personally, it has quickly grown to be one of my favorite styles, don’t stop it now.

Sound: 9, I believe some of the flashes had sound but the overwhelming pounding of Slipknot is heard in the background, now granted, I was never much of their fan, they yell a bit too much in my taste, but they are still popular and very rapid in pace making them ideal for this sort of flash.

Violence: 8, A funny topic to come to, considering the icon to the entire movie is a missile, but nonetheless, it’s a very violent, and very funny flash, by being violent. Shooting Pico down, chopping off heads off of foamy. It was all extremely violent, but then again, I suppose you like it that way.

Interactivity: 4, Usually I would suggest more options to control the movie like a seek or pause option, but I thought that considering the nature of the movie that it does not need it. And despite all few buttons, few options it remained a great flash movie, but for the slim interactivity, it must have a lower score.

Humor: 9, The biggest field this movie applies to, making people laugh and have fun and enjoy themselves. Personally I believe you’ve accomplished that goal fairly easily.

Overall: 9, So overall we have a flash featuring a staggering number of other people and their work, all mentioned briefly I guess. A violent and funny atmosphere and little control. But I love it and will continue to enjoy the series and all I can say to you is to do the same.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

good concept

Interesting thing you guys did here. I felt good when you killed foamy and pikachu, don't like them too much, but I was a little disappointed when you guys killed Dirge, he's cool. The reason I gave the 0 Humor score is because I don't laugh so easily, it takes constructive or nonsensical humor to get me to laugh. This was well constructed though. Other than that, great job guys, thumbs up to ya. Make more and make them interesting.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I've seen a few of these episodes, and I'm disappointed every time. They're just not funny. I'm not offended or angry or anything. I just don't think this series is funny or well-done.
And Slipknot sucks, too. =/