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Nov 24, 2005 | 1:29 PM EST

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Whee, smashed 2 populair movies from deviantart together here since both of them are to small for a newgrounds solo I'm afraid.
One horribly programmed Duckhunt game(but fun to kill nintendo characters i guess ^^;) and sonic battle in 2 minutes.



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am i the only one?

ok the video was funny as hell... but am i the only one who knows chaos is a good guy now? its in the end of sonic adventure! remember? he sees the chaos and finds out the world is not a bad place? am i the only one who payed attention?... wait... ah crap im a sonic nerd!

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OMG funny every one thinks that ermel is a punch bag. LOL caos is going to destroy the univurse and no one cares. and then cris becomes there new punch bag. you make funny movies keep it up

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and this has not won a trophy because........?

this is so funnt, love the fact that emerl get beat up a bunch then kills himself...... and the storyline is THAT much accurate,good work


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Chris: Hey guys. Did i miss somthin?
Everyone else: PUNCHBAG!!!!!!!!!!!!


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-"Oh punchbag!"
- ' a punchbag?"
-yeaha, punchbag!!"

then BIG- "Froggy?"

Hahahah. Big never thinks of anything else, that even a punchbag robot decides to punch him :)))))

I finally found out that Chris is the character from cartoon that just doesn't fit with Sonic characters ! That makes more sence to knock the crap out of him for being in the movie ))))) LOLOL!!
Insane animation!

CALL FOR - SONIC ADVENTURE 1 !!!!! you once said youre going to make one!! too bad it's not 1 or 2 minute series!

There are bunch of things to make fun of in SN adventure 1!

Like- EGG carrier- where the hell aer the eggs? Load them up onboard!
Omega robot? CMON, use him as a vacuum cleaner!
Emerald island keep falling into ocean 10 times along the way ! :)))
Sonic and Tails fight Eggman and keep losing all emeralds after fight? Why don;t they just give it to him before fight start? LOL
Also- Anyone loved Station Square or Mystic Ruins!?pFFF! Those street characters with cheesy quotes :))

and more more more!

I wish I could of made that animation, but... it's your style! Can't plagyarize.
Hope this animation is still on your planboard!


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