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Nov 24, 2005 | 10:16 AM EST

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You're all faggots fuck you



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Way to ruin a perfectly good song and be a d*ck.


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no not cool

ok let me just say i don't like it at all hate is rong but so was this vid


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Are you trying to scare us?Well...
I'm not scared.
(Play's the video again)
(Yawns more)


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words cannot describe how pathetic and infantile this trivial attempt at hate is. when i first saw the sites motto, i was under the impression that the everything meant fun for all. but to allow a primitive pile of scum like you to post something like this. . .my respect for this site is non-existent now. for one this falls under prejudice. open prejudice such as yours is not only frowned upon, but is also childish. a site cannot allow any form of open prejudice for it may offend people. furthermore, your time would be better spent on more creative things. maybe you have a mental defect, that prevents you from controlling yourself, maybe not. if it is the latter, then you are a sad, sad little man. if it is the former, then you have my pity. i could easily bring this matter to court though. and i have no doubt about who would win. hint: not you. not newgrounds. my cunning is matched only by my emotionless iron heart. i give you an ultimatum, remove all you works from this site, or, ill take everything you love away from you in court. choose. mercy, or damnation. oh and newgrounds, the same stands for you. you have, both, been warned. i give you until, lets say, next month. hurry, hurry. the sand has already begun to drop.

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Haters gonna hate. Icy is just mad that the internet will be made of 99.9% furries soon enough and him and his friends acting like they don't like it are just on the dl furries. XD Oh yeah...this shiz is a waste of space. (constructive criticism)