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Oct 19, 2005 | 11:57 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place October 21, 2005

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Author Comments

Foamy rants about all things Halloween. (This one has an alternate ending just for NG) Sweet!



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Foamy? Corportations? Notice a similarity?

Honestly, Illwill, I used to like Foamy. I used to like his methodical commentary on the world and the occasional bouts of silliness. But oh, what's this? A clothing line? Oh, what's this? A sudden degradation in quality, as well as a sudden increase in quantity?

On average, a new Foamy cartoon is made about once every three weeks. On average, every one of them was far too low to deserve the prestigue that comes with the past-tense verb "sucked". Foamy does not "suck", Foamy absolutely reeks with the inhospitable virus of hipocracy.

And this latest cartoon is no exception. What is this? I couldn't help but notice that IllWill has pratically given up animation, simply having Foamy pan around a background, using animations already made in previous cartoons. The commentary is hippocritical and brain-dead (since when has Halloween been about blood and gore? I've always seen it as simply a fun day to dress up as something stupid and get candy), and the "Gorey ending" wasn't any less retarted.

Both charachters, Germaine and Foamy, have suddenly become exploited figures to keep IllWill's clothes selling. They have become the exact thing they seem to be judgementally, agnostically spouting out against. It is sickening.

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Again, I'm posting another constructive review, completely following the guidelines. Again, I shall see it onslaughted by a great deal of abusive marks.

Well, here we go.

Graphics: The bg mansion is very well drawn, great shading. Foamy, eh, not so much.

Style: Foamy rants on and on, he's done the same thing in almost everyone of your flashes.

Sound: Crickets are neat and that was the only sound that was worthy in this flash, because Foamy has the most annoying voice on earth.


Interactivity: Play button and replay button.

Humor: I didn't laugh once, and I could tell where you put your jokes in anyways. :( I've seen two funny cartoons by you, but all of your cartoons (is there 80 or something now?) have attempted to be funny. You have a poor batting average as a comedian.


Again, a poorly animated film with a score that is blown out of proportion. If I made a flash like this with the same background, the same ambience (bg noise) and a ranting armadillo, it'd probaby be averaging around the 2.5 range.


Because it isn't entertaining. So many people have such horrid senses of humor, though, that they seem to love this stuff. Even when the jokes are lame.

Illwillpress is the most overrated flash artist around (that I will say is abusive, but I'm adding it because I find it truthful) and people need to start thinking before they review straight tens and give it a fifen. They need to realize, "Was that which I just laughed at really that funny? Is this really animated so great?"

They seem to do so on other people's flashes, why not on yours?

Please, Illwill, I'm beggin' ya, make a flash that's worthwhile to watch, and stop taking awards from the people who deserve it (another abusive remark, but again truthful).

And if this is marked so much as abusive that Wade sees it, then...

Hi Wade.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

This again?

So when has Halloween (or any other festive occasion) not been a ridciulously commercialized event? This entry was nothing new at all. By the way, where do you live? I ask this because costumes are expensive. I still see many kids wearing home-made costumes on Halloween, and that's not because they are creative.

Oh yea, and when you complain about why the movie industry does not make horror and Halloween-themed movies during the Halloween season, aren't you being hypocritical? That means you want Halloween to be an even more commercialized event with the movie industries taking advantage of the Halloween season.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Ill will fans.. Stop..

Ok, let's get one thing straight. I'm not against this cartoon because I'm anti-goth.. I AM fucking goth. Now, since I KNOW that Jonathan Ian Mathers won't read crticism, I'll lay this out for the fans, of whom which I know will mark this as abusive or unhelpful. He's not making any points. So he thinks no one's going out dressed up in bloody, gross costumes "like they used to." Me, and all my friends, still dress up in bloody, gross costumes, every year. Everyone I know isn't doing anything differently. The only trend that seems to be in fashion more and more is the girls "sluttly version" of such and such a costume (ie - slutty nurse, slutty snow white, slutty nun). The only valid point in this cartoon was that there is a shitty crop of horror movies this year. And this year has been horrible for the movie industry in general.
I'm going to lay it down for all goths everywhere, pure and simple-You're doing yourself a great disservice by, not only not blaming this, but giving it a high enough rating for a "blue-outline." You let Jon Mathers sub-par work get worse and worse every two weeks (yes, I follow Neurotically Yours quite a great deal, though I've never been a big fan). You validate every point that the anti-emo/goth movement makes. You rally behind a champion who is VISIBLY NOT EVEN TRYING! He uses the same fucking animation week in and week out. The BG seems new, but that's it. What we have in this toon is Foamy ranting about how great Halloween once was, when he could apply the same rant to any situation he wants (everything was soooo much better back then). Please, don't just mark this as unhelpful just because I didn't like it. Take my words into consideration; is IllWillPress really trying? Or is he making money off of your own gullibility? I thank you for listening to a REAL goth's rant.

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I gave you a 1, for eff-- trying?

You've started to try to use blurred hand movements for inbetweens, it's just not working. It looks like Foamy's hands are turning wrinkly then smooth. Work on that. Also, for christ sake use some easing. Your movements will never look smooth if you just have this character waving his arms with no change in speed. As for the rant itself, it was as useless and pointless as the last 500 cartoons you've shat out. Seriously, get your act together. I am completely baffled as to how you still get praised for this kind of crap.. And the exploded boobs at the end.. Nice attempt at appealing to the 13-15 year old fan boys.