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Pocahontas BURNED

rated 4.14 / 5 stars
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Oct 19, 2005 | 8:37 AM EDT

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Author Comments

10/21 - OMG Daily 1st + Frontpage? Thank you so much :D

There's also a short short music video for this, there'll be a link to it once the movie is loaded. It's much too big for NG. I need to learn how to compress video better - I tried everything but nothing worked. =[

This animation was made for a performance assessment for a US History class... Though it was mostly for the grade it was more for practice and experimentation with flash... I've never before worked with voice, frame-by-frame, or imported video, for that matter. I would really appreciate feedback, but otherwise, enjoy.



Rated 5 / 5 stars




Rated 4 / 5 stars

College students give it a thumbs up :P

I loved this flash. You did a very good job and it made me, as well as a few friends, laugh. :P Oh and to NICK, Pocahontas was a N A T I V E A M E R I C A N not an Indian. Native American. Ahhh I hate it when people call Native Americans "Indians". Blah. :p



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

okey dokey

you have nice talent as a flash guy, but you really wasted it here. also at your comments you adressed the guys reviewing this flash badly, nobodys getting pissed off (or i havent seen anyone seem to get pissed off yet), but you seem to there, and i dont think you "owned" many in those three sentences, and i dont think many people feel stupid. i certainly dont.

it had good art and im impressed how you got actual movie footage, but wtf?? i didnt think anyone was stupid enough to point out historical inaccuracies in a kids disney movie. i liked the michel jackson joke at the start, but thats about all. and with the historical inaccuracies, disney kids films cant exactly have a topless 12yearold indian girl, and its for little kiddies, so it has to be oversimplified, and thats also why they softened it up with signing, talking willows and romance. i wonder if they actually had a meeting over this: they decide to make a kids movie about this, and then decide which would be the best version: a historically innacurate but kiddie-friendly (kiddies are their target audience incase you live under a rock) one, or the accurate one. obviously they chose the innacurate one because it is obvious the conclusion is that the ratio between shocked parents at the accurate version, or people like you who complain about the softened version would be around 10000000:1.

and i just owned you in one 13-year-old's review. bet u feel stupid now u retard :P (not pissed, except from laughter at your retardedness)

sincerely, nick :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

XD That was awesome

Oh My God Yes!! Someone else who belives (knows) Pocahontas is compleat bullshit!
This movie rocked though, seriously.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I think you can do better.

I mean that as a compliment. I really do. This is pretty good, but I felt kind of...let down. There just wasn't enough. Perhaps try animating a historical version of the next Disney story you tackle?

I agree that Hercules should be your next Disney myth to shred. You'd have a lot of fun with that.