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Live and Let Dive 2

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Comedy - Original

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Oct 18, 2005 | 4:08 PM EDT

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Behold the carnage as lemmings die in horrible ways!



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Okay. I now have proof that this planet is insane.

This is pornographic violence. I've been seeing an enormous amount of what I can only describe loosely as some sort of sociological degradation in people which has been developing over the last decade or so. I don't think it's a generational thing. I'm only in my thirties, so I can't be that out of touch with what's hip these days. In any case, it's not just this movie, it's everywhere; When did so much nihilistic bullshit become the factory setting? It seems that a good half of the videos I click on here are dedicated to some form of hate, misery, horror and death, total lack of conscience and respect, all of it masquerading as humor. It takes hundreds of hours to make a video like this one; Are people *really* spending that much time in such a place in their minds? Is there really that much misery inside people that it needs to be expressed at all cost like this?

There are better ways. This ISN'T healthy and it ISN'T cool, and if you can't see that, then you NEED to change something in your life. Just how messed up is a person's situation when something like this is taken as normal? I have met people who really do function in this mode all the time, but they were half-retarded and couldn't string a rational thought together to save their lives. They also thought it was funny to torture animals and each other. But they were not animators and writers; they were inbred hicks living in the hills who REALLY did have some sort of mental impairment, genetic or otherwise; people who could not function in regular society and so were forced to live in the only areas they could.

If you can write a flash movie then you've got a functioning mind and you probably don't have actual brain damage, which means something else is going on. Maybe it's a reaction to living in a world where bombing people is considered normal. Maybe it's got to do with living in such hopeless times. --But man! There are ways to live which do not submit to hopelessness and misery, hate and self-hatred, but you cannot find those ways by focusing on this kind of thing. Your focus really does determine your reality. Sure, the world has loads of problems; Bush is psychotic, (and he was also, incidentally, into blowing up frogs when he was a kid). The answer is not to allow the psychopaths of the world to make you the same as them. That's losing. It takes a bit of courage to forge a positive path through life, but it's worth it. It means you don't have to dwell in a mind-set filled with blood and shit. Only the truly psychotic would want to live under such conditions, and only fools and the lost would allow themselves to be led to such places without resistance. Making a joke of it is a form of psychological defense so you don't have to deal with the reality of an insane world. But perhaps it would be better to fix your world rather than subvert your own mind; to make yourself insane so that you fit the status quo.

I don't know. But whatever your problem is, I wish you good luck in fixing it.


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Joe Rocks

Should carry a disclaimer. 'Warning: viewers will require towel to sit on, dry underwear, and must UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES drink carbonated beverages while enjoying the film. Severe dampness and nasal damage can result"

Just great stuff.



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this movie is stolen