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-=Alien Hominid Tribute=-

rated 1.57 / 5 stars
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Oct 12, 2005 | 12:19 AM EDT
  • Turd of the Week October 19, 2005

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Author Comments

The Star Syndicate presents to you the fourth video game collab, all of which are based on Guardian's -=OMG HALO!=-.

Why hello there Users,

In this particular movie, Guardian, Vozz, Starberry, PenisStar and TruffleClock all show their own individual appreciation for Tom Fulp's console masterpiece "Alien Hominid."

We hope you enjoy watching this movie as much as we enjoyed participating.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

An Alien Hominid tribute from you people

I can see the low effort in this flash, but that doesn't mean I'll just get angry at you people for it. of course, if I did, I would probably go too far and get banned for making an abusive review. :P

Anyway, the flash, what I mainly heard were speech voices and an actual voice. I found some parts on this flash a bit funny, like Guardian's flash saying AH fucking sucks, which I think is most likely a joke. The rest weren't much, but there were some parts that did give me a bit of a laugh.

Starberry responds:

of course you do realize since we won turd, how could we have not put enough effort since that was clearly our goal.

If you notice the score isn't as low as the HL2 or GTA collab which i can't tell if it's a good or bad thing.

anyway yeah hey


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Now for one thing the graphics look like they were done by a three year old. Second of all there are WAY to many tributes out there. And to all of those people who gave these people a zero! I have seen worse things than this!

Starberry responds:

can you think of any other AH tributes? i really cannot. also your three year old exaggeration is not very original.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


your graphics weren't that good reason for give you a 2

I gave you a 7 for style because even though it wasn't that good you used alien humanoid

a 1 for sound because the sound wasn't all that good but it was better then no sound at all

0 for violence because there was none that I saw

a 1 for interactivity because I could choose which movie I wanted to see

a 5 in humor because it did make me laugh a little bit

overall it was below average but it was still It made me laugh so there is the 3 for overall I hoe to see more funny flashes from you guys in the future

Starberry responds:

never listen to a guy named gamecue


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hehehe. I enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed the almost slide show feel of it. The humor was quite good, and Starberry's was rather reminscent of political satire, which I like. Sound was good, but the menu music was a little annoying; but, then again, you spend little time on the menu, so it hardly matters. I also think the style was surprisingly outstanding, showcasing a unique humor and approach. And since the jabbing at Wade and Fulp seemed very light-hearted, it makes this an even better flash. Great job on this one. Keep it up.

Starberry responds:

i spent more time on this menu than the past video game movies.


it seems like you only watched my part though, too bad you won't be able to rereview this after watching everyone else'ssssssssss.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Heh. I actually got a cheap laugh out of this.

If not for stupid reviewers, this might not have gotten the "Turd of the Week" award.

However, it's time for some stats:

Good things
-Good job getting people together for another collab.
-Sounds were pretty good, they just weren't to my taste.

Bad things
-Animation could've been MUCH better. It looks as though you weren't even trying -- or maybe this is what you wanted it to be. In which case, I'm sure it could've still been better.
-I realize this Flash was just pokin' fun at Alien Hominid, but don't you think this stuff is starting to get old? Sometimes you just gotta grow, dudes.

Hopefully my advice at least reaches you, if not help you for your next Flash. But keep the skull-fuck joke. That was some funny shit.

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Starberry responds:

yes the animation was lacking but we were not trying for much here really.

i don't see how our material is more overused than anything you have listed in your favorites :/.