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Mobies: I Feel Free

rated 3.16 / 5 stars
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Aug 30, 2005 | 5:41 AM EDT

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Author Comments

NOTE: This is my first submission and quite far my first ever finished flash. Be fair.
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Cute bubbles sing a song from the sixties. Not to be a laugh-out-loud. This time, I really put time to it. Enjoy (?).



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I think I'm in love...

... Can I have all three of them? Pretty please. Just for a few days? No? Oh, well. =) This was great. I never saw three bubble guys move it like that. I mean, a bubble, that moves? Whoa. It was awesome. I've never heard of that band. They made strange music in the 60's. Not saying it was bad music, just a tad... different than what we're used to now. Hmmm. The middle bubble dude was my favorite. Solo!

sysrq868 responds:

I've thought of making an adventure game featuring these characters, so then you can customise your very own moving bubble, or "mobie" in short.

You'll have to wait for it though, since I've planned to release at least one game before making anything so massive as I've planned it to be (weight on "planned").

And as for the song, I heard it by mistake when I didn't wake up of my musical trance I go to when I hear good music to replay the same song. The only reason I made this flash featuring this music was because of the more or less funny British "daunce" in it. I laughed for like 4 minutes. :)

Thanks for the review!
-- sysrq868


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice job

First of all I love that song so you get marks there.

Then just taking bubbles with hands, feet, and legs and making them so expressive was a good touch.

Just watched TV repair and it was good so I have to check your other stuff now.

sysrq868 responds:

Yeah... For I while I was wondering why the sudden interest in my other flashes - weeks after months two votes and five watches per X amount of time and POW! Then I realised that D-I-Y TV Repair had broken my personal views per submission record in one night. It's a miracle what a bunch of hatching can do... :D

Thanks for the review!
-- sysrq868


Rated 3 / 5 stars

((( NEAT )))

Notbad kinda neat, sorta like a music video, seemed to be abit slow, could be some fast momemnts for a more funny outcome, still funny as it is so notbad at all, also nice work on the art design and animation of the characters, so notbad at all...


sysrq868 responds:

Thanks for the review!

This is the first animation I've finished and posted to Newgrounds, so that's why it isn't so perfect or very fruity, but I guess it's okay.

-- sysrq868


Rated 5 / 5 stars

*HICK* I loved it so much I almost danced to it

Beutiful. Simply *HICKUP* beutiful. The flow has perfect timing. *HICK* This is definatly worthy of a 5/5. I hope you make *HICKUP* more. I'd vote 5/5 for 'em all, mate!

sysrq868 responds:

I actually was planning to make more if people would've like it, and so far mattsims is the only one who hasn't liked this, so I believe you can expect more similiar stuff.

Thanks for the review! ;)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This Flash is quite catchy.

I like the song though I never heard it before. Its a nice Flash that needs some improvements.

sysrq868 responds:

Odd that you haven't heard the song. It's like the Backstreet Boys: it makes a comeback every 5 years.

Thanks for the review! ;)