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Aug 30, 2005 | 4:53 AM EDT

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  • Foamy's Rant
    Foamy's Rant Foamy likes to speak his mind about the things that piss him off!

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Foamy goes on a rant about the lack of help in areas hit by hurricane Katrina....and before folks say "this cartoon is dumb and simple"....i'm aware of it's wasn't made to get ratings or whatever.



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The truth

This is the truth and dumb ass people who complain about this Vid. Like why dont you help? Well maybe They are not in the area and help by sending money. Thats why we have the mutha-fuc*ing "RED CROSS" donate MOFOS and HELP America. OkOk We help many countries... and sumtimes time there oil but lets see who helps US now. GOD BLESS AMERICA... AND THE PEOPLE OF NEW Oreans and such...


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Go help the people

Folks, help the people who lost their homes and all. Donate to the US Red cross. I donated 15 bucks. People lost their homes, families money, everything. Right now, you are sitting in your comfortable warm chair and not giving to sh*ts about the people who are dieing out there, but two days ago you were about to sh*t your pants because of the storm, fearing that your precious japanese piece of crap car might get a bump.


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awsome animation

This is probably the best flash animation ever to be seen on newgrounds and is very topical!


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How many lives have you and "foamy" saved while you were making that still.
Also, If your beef is with reporters why is "foamy" reporting like a reporter?

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars an extent

First off, the Flash itself wasn't anything special. But, it's understandable. You only had like a few days to throw this together so I don't really care. Foamy's ranting never gets old.

Now, as for the rant, eh, I somewhat agree. You can't sit there and blame the news reporters behind the desks for doing thier jobs. The one's behind the desks at the studio, though it is sick at how they enjoy the ratings, can't really do much else. Think of it this way: if the desk jobs weren't doing those jobs, how would we get our coverage of the event? The ones on the field, yes, hell yes, they need to get out and help. The people are starving and thristy and these news crews probably have a whole cooler full of water and food in the truck but will they share it? Hell no. They could also help more. I mean, my God. Also, the bit about the looters, um, you probably just don't understand that the looters are scum and don't give a shit. Yelling at them to help wont do a thing, you should have yelled about them just being losers.

Well, you know, I don't know what reaction this will provoke but, I can't feel to sorry for these people. I mean, for crying out loud. You live in a city that's below sea level, you were told days and days before that a class 5 hurricane was going to hit your city head on, you were urged to evacuate, but you didn't. Now who's fault is that? I can't feel to sorry for these idiots. Sorry, but I just can't. You do stupid things, then your gonna get burned. And now, the people trapped in the city are sitting there, crying about how they don't have any food and how they aren't not being saved fast enough. Shut. Up. Your the ones who didn't leave when you were told to. Your the ones who didn't have the common sense to get out of the way of the train when it was coming down the tracks at you at full speed. I'm not saying they deserved to die or to starve or anything, but I don't think we should feel all to sorry for them. Fools meet the end that fools deserve. And I'm also not blameing them for living in a disaster area. But when a hurricane is coming at you, YOU LEAVE! It's just good common sense!