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Aug 17, 2005 | 10:47 AM EDT

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I am really sorry I haven't responded to everyone here. I haven't check up on this video in a long time and I am absolutely touched that so many of you like it so much! Thank you all! Especially you networking geeks! That's exactly what I was aiming for!

The 'story' of this Flash is an abstract imagining of how data gets from your fingertips to the printer. Obviously it's missing a couple steps, but hey, it's not supposed to be totally educational!

Here's some background on this Flash. At the time I was a networking student and I had been really into computers for a long time. I also enjoy drawing, animation, and programming, so this is sort of a combination of it all. I think I could do better at this if I re-did but I won't. I was thinking about making another Flash here soon, as I sort of miss doing it. Perhaps I'll make something along the lines of this, it's been a great learning experience! Thank you all again!

Old Commentary
I'm back and with something a little different. It's not Contra Insanity, although the pixel people from CI7 are in there, and it's certainly different. Dot Matrix is a techno music video in a computer world. Many of the little jokes or ideas may not be seen or understood by someone who is not computer experienced. If you like the movie Tron, I think you'll like this one.

Music is by DJ Markski "Concentrate"

I would like to thank all who supported me while I made this video.



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Holy Crap!!

Watching that made my brain hurt, but the good kind of pain, lol

i loved that yet i hated it( because it confused the crap out of me) lol


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Ive been ass raped... but the kind that feels kinda good....


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My head hurts like hell now

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Nice binary

0100000101010111010001010101001101001 1110100110101000101

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awesome video

i think my brain just shat itself

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