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LoZ:Princes of t Universe

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Aug 12, 2005 | 12:50 AM EDT

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  • Zelda
    Zelda Link and his misadventures have always made for some great spoofs and tributes.

Author Comments

Flash #14
Warning:Sprite movie!

**I'm noticing that some of you are recording this flash and posting it on YouTube. I don't really mind you guys doing that, but AT LEAST give me credit for it! On another note, I also have a Youtube account (hitthefloor729) so think twice before posting it there.**

**Many people have been asking me to make a 4 Swords version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Sorry, but I'm not going to make that. Why? Bohemian Rhapsody has been done to death! Do a search on it and you'll see what I mean. I chose these 2 songs to try something different with the Queen fad for a change and I wanted to come up with something original as well. Right now I'm experimenting with a different song not related to Queen.**
Please Read before watching.

"LoZ:Princes of the Universe" is a Zelda music video based on the popular Highlander song.The idea behind this concept came to me after after listening to some "Queen" songs a few months ago. When I read the lyrics of this song, I somehow realized that it relates extremely well to the Zelda series.

The concept of this Zelda parody is taking the lyrics too seriously (which is the main joke). There are also some jokes related to my Four Swords parody.

Please keep in mind that I made this parody purely for entertainment, it's not made to offend nor insult.It's done only to pay tribute to both the band Queen and the Zelda series.

One last thing, if the mouth movements are slightly out of sync at times, that's normal. It's not easy to syncronize them,you know...

Anyway enjoy,vote fair, and constructive criticism is recommended.

Here we are
Born to be Kings
We're the princes of the universe
Here we belong
Fighting to survive
In a war with the darkest powers

And here we are
We're the princes of the universe
Here we belong
Fighting for survival
We've come to be the rulers of your world

I am immortal
I have inside me blood of kings
(Yeah! Yeah!)
I have no rival
No man can be my equal
Take me to the future of your world

Born to be kings
Princes of the universe
Fighting and free
Got your world in my hand
I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand
We were born to be princes of the universe

No man could understand
My power is in my own hands

ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
People talk about you
People say you've had your day
I'm a man that will go far
Climb the moon and reach for the stars
With my sword and head held high
Gotta pass the test, first time
I know that people talk about me
I hear it every day
But I can prove 'em wrong 'cuz I'm right first time
Yeah! yeah! alright! let's go, let's go! hah!
Yeah, watch this man fly! wooh!
Bring on the girls! c'mon c'mon come on!

Here we are (yeah here we are)
Born to be kings
We're the princes of the universe
Here we belong
Born to be kings
Princes of the universe
Fighting and free
Got your world in my hand
I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand
We were born to be princes of the universe.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great movie/ music video dude!

Yo man that was kick ass! Lol i was just browsing the portal racking up some points when i saw this. Im all like "Hmm this name sounds familiar " and when i click on it it happens to be your new movie! Anyways , where did you get the idea to make such a video? Great Song choice cuz highlander rocks. Definatly belongs on the front page and in the collections!

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HadoukenDude responds:

Thanks BlackDevilX! you see, it all started last year. I was in this Graphic Designer course for about 8 months, (thanks to that i learned some photoshop skills). the teacher of that class was really oldschool when it came to music. he enjoyed listening music from Sting Michael Jackson, the Beatles and,obviously, Queen.He always played those songs during class.And it was thanks to him that i'm now a fan of Queen. And one day,when i came across this song, i kept picturing link's adventures in the series just by reading the lyrics and that was such a great concept! I had to mahe a music video out of this classic song!
that was pretty much it.
thanks for your review, dude.glad you liked it!:)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh this was beautiful...

This, in all seriousness, has to be my most favorite sprite music video. You are very talented.

HadoukenDude responds:

Thank you very much!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excellent! I love Queen songs!

I'm glad you chose that song. Although let's be honest, Link doesn't compare to Freddie Mercury's charisma. :) Just seeing how you interpret that song with TLOZ makes me want to hear that song over and over again. Great work, hope you make the front page.

HadoukenDude responds:

That's true. It's a shame that Freddy Mercury died years ago... He was too young and it was too soon for him to go.
I hope to get front page too.

Thanks for your review.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Un. Be. Lievable.

GREAT work -- great choice of song, and the animation is spectacular. You even animated the vibrato on the voices. So cool.

Threw in humor, action, and a million different characters. Really fantastic.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Man your sprites is da bomb man. Keep it up, and if you ever run out of idea's (highly unlikely) I'd be glad to give you sum material : ) lol this sprite movie kicks a$$