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Elf Girl Sim Date RPG

rated 4.18 / 5 stars
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Simulation - Dating

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Aug 10, 2005 | 7:31 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Sponsored by and custom made for

Thanks SO much for the award and front page!

Another dating sim RPG! Think you can get it on with elf girls?

(be sure to read the manual in the menu!)

(can you find the 12 cheat codes hidden in the game)

This game is a paraody to both:
- The Lord of the Rings
- Wicked the musical

game is about 5000 kb, can take a while to load.

The girls are slightly based on girls from wicked the musical, the story and area around you are from the Lord of the Rings.

Note: if a girl, all of sudden only uses foul language and is nasty to you, wait for a few days. She is merely on her period - lol.

thanks for actually reading the authors comments!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

nearly everything you need to know

Overall i thort it was good

7 of thw 12 Cheats (if u find more copy this list and paste ur added cheats along with info on girls n review it, it helps people that need help) :

danielmcneely - 1,000,000 money
danceuptothemoon - 8,000 exp with Fantine
ozdustballroom - 8,000 exp with Nessarose
weregonnamakeyoupopular - 8,000 exp with Glinda
defyinggravity - 8,000 exp with Elphaba
lathingforgood - 8,000 exp with Eponine
greyhaired - 8,000 exp with Cosette

Here are the stats of all the girls:

Telephone: 1-541-7140-290
Age : 20 years old
Birthday : 26th of July
Sign : Tower
From : Rivendell
Location : Helm Deep
Food : Lembas bread
Drink : Wine
Colors : Black and Blue
Stats : Magic and romance
Game : Kingdom Hearts
LOTR Loc : Helms deep
LOTR Part: The two towers
LOTR Song: The treason of Isengard
Height : 166
Wieght : 52
Breast : 79
Waist : 52
Hip : 81
Quote : "You can close your eyes to reality but not to memories."

Telephone: 1-542-1620-112
Age : 18 years old
Birthday : 22th of March
Sign : Guardian
From : Lothorien
Food : Diet
Drink : Don't drink
Colors : Orange and Red
Stats : Charm and strength
Game : Halo
LOTR Loc : Minas Tirith
LOTR Part: The return of the king
LOTR Song: The council of Elrond
Height : 156
Wieght : 50
Breast : 75
Waist : 54
Hip : 80
Quote : "We are always in our own company."

Telephone: 1-550-2200-911
Age : 21 years old
Birthday : 30th of May
Sign : Spring
From : The Grey Havens
Food : Pizza
Drink : Beer
Colors : White and blue
Stats : Speed and strength
Game : Final Fantasy VII
LOTR Loc : The Grey Havens
LOTR Part: The Hobbit
LOTR Song: The Bridge of Khazad-Dum
Height : 169
Wieght : 51
Breast : 83
Waist : 52
Hip : 80
Quote : "Worry does not empty today of it's sorrow, but of it's strength."

Telephone: 1-542-1897-236
Age : 19 years old
Birthday : 14th of December
Sign : Witch
From : Lothorien
Food : Anything
Drink : Water
Colors : Yellow and purple
Stats : Magic and strength
Game : Defend your castle
LOTR Loc : Minas Morgul
LOTR Part: The fellowship of the ring
LOTR Song: Minas Morgul
Height : 171
Wieght : 55
Breast : 84
Waist : 53
Hip : 81
Quote : "You don't care whether I live or die."

Telephone: 1-541-2367-089
Age : 18 years old
Birthday : 19th February
Sign : Night
From : Rivendell
Food : Lembas bread
Drink : Water
Colors : Black and white
Stats : Charm and Romance
Game : The sims
LOTR Loc : The misty mountains
LOTR Part: The return of the king
LOTR Song: Concerning Hobbits
Height : 159
Wieght : 46
Breast : 71
Waist : 49
Hip : 75
Quote : "A wall against pain is also a wall that keeps you out of joy."

Telephone: 1-998-5426-377
Age : 20 years old
Birthday : 11th of November
Sign : Thief
From : Fangorn Forest
Food : Diet
Drink : Water
Colors : Pink and white
Stats : Speed and persuasion
Game : Lord of the rings battle
LOTR Loc : The Shire
LOTR Part: The Hobbit
LOTR Song: Gollums song
Height : 152
Wieght : 41
Breast : 79
Waist : 48
Hip : 70
Quote : "You can close you eyes to reality but not to memories."

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

dude it was da bomb!i love anime especially!

that rocked dude!porno elfs of anime omg!i love it!do more kind of stuff like this or any anime stuff because awsome!i am giving u a 5 but if it were possible i give u billion points!

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EviLudy responds:

yes the sex scenes are hot, right?


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This game is awesome!

This game has exceeded my expectations. I thought that it was gonna be just like any other SIM girl RPg, but no... this game has many stats to train, actually takes a while to master, and most important, has true dating tips. Those tips are extremely helpful for those lazy people who sit here and dream about these elves. This game might encourage those few people to be more confident about themselves. Great job!

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

my review... thingy

the only thing I didn't like was that Cosette's age and birthday were wrong, like age she said 18, but the answer was 20.

otherwise, it was a good game. great job


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

its a bet weird

i dont like it and i dont care