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NA Showcase Collab #1

rated 3.75 / 5 stars
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Aug 9, 2005 | 11:55 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place August 11, 2005

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Author Comments

This is NA's (Newbie Animations) first flash.

Contributors: Helbereth, Foolish_Mortal, Cybex, BleeBlap, redking_57, and Indian_Wrestler.

Other music includes tracks from Killer Instinct, Monkey Island 2, The Offsprings, and



Rated 2 / 5 stars




Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

well you used your song in your company like thing

soo I guess you deserve a review! :P

Foolish mortal - for only using fl for 2 months your work is indeed impressive. However for such a short animation I wonder if maybe it would have been better worth your while to either set the quality to mediom - or convert it to an avi and stream it back through flash? Just ideas... still the only thing that would have made it totally amazing would be gradient shading and you're not insane so I'll leave it at that!

Cybex - stick animation - what can I say - fluidly animated I'll grant you that but I have seen billions of stick animations and frankly noone does it like XaioXaio.. but you did well so feel proud!

Redking57 - all I can say is... I MADE A STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN SONG AND YOU DIDNT USE IT! So close to having 2 songs used in this and yet so far away.. go check my version out. Animation sadly was sub-par in my opinion but if that is your skill level than whatever.

indianwrestler - um.. very very noobish...

BleeBlap - only one paddle moved - the other one just stayed in the middle. Come on.

Helbereth - don't think YOU can get away unscathed man! As far as animation goes - its very smooth and cool looking - but ONLY becauseboth characters are all black and thus any joint and physical character issues are thus eliminated - its sorta cheating but I give you credit because it was very well done overall :P

thanks for using my music again and hope to see more!


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NewbieAnimations responds:

i was pretty content with the graphics in foolish_mortal's submission.

i liked cybex's stick animation. it had a simple look and the action wasn't too confusing.

i didn't think redking_57's submission was so bad. sure, it wasn't perfect animation wise, but the humour and story wasn't bad.

indianwrestler told me that his submission was rushed because we had a deadline. he'll probably do better in our next collab.

you're supposed to play the game, not watch it.

i thought that was rather cheap too, but i think helbereth wanted it that way. it looked cool like that in my opinion.

don't worry, you'll see more of us in the future.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

im upset I missed this

yer I missed the deadline, but no matter I had to many things going on and what can I say, Im not too upset be in the next one ok lol
anywho, I hope to see full versons of foolish mortals and helberth

NewbieAnimations responds:

you can catch the one that we'll be starting to work on very soon. the poll to choose the song for the next collab is almost finished. you should check it out now to get the chance to choose a song.


p.s. any progress on a way of life? it's one of our official projects, so i'd like to get the ball rolling.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Seeing as how I put it together...

I'll review the other submissions.

Foolish Mortal:
This contains some of the best art design I've seen in flash anywhere. There isn't really much of a story except that it would seem the entire idea was the joke at the end. I really liked it and wanted to see it in the collab ever since I saw the demo.

The character animation when he goes to pull the black screen in is a little jerky, and the foreground contains a lot of movement that - in retrospect - probably only serves to cause lag.

About as simple as stick animation gets, but charming and well timed with the musical accompaniment.

Sometimes things seem to move too fast for you to catch what just happened.

The concept of the flash is funny and poetic all at once. The direction is pretty good, and it moves with the music.

However there are some technical issues with the character animation and some of the camera use. The stairs look attrocious when you zoom in because the line width doesn't remain constant, but rather increases in width as the camera zooms in - thus making all the lines really thick. When using a transparency on a character it's difficult to do a multi-sectioned body without the overlapping sections being obvious. The walking animation is also very stiff - I think you need to find a good walk animation tutorial.

I do believe that you were fairly rushed in making your submission, so iI won't be terribly harsh.

The idea behind the flash is funny and relevant - it does seem like NG is taking over the world, and there will soon be droves of people bowing to Tom Fulp ...

Most of my issues have to do with how you keep track of things on your timeline (specifically how you insert sounds). Your character animation is sub-par (again, rushed) and the design of some background elements makes it difficult to discern what they are. Also, there were several sound effects that, when I listened to them, seemed relevant, but were barely audible in the final version.

Well, i'm not going to pick apart the AS, since I'm no authority. It's definitly Pong, and it works well enough. It was a pain trying to get it to fit into the collab since it wasn't designed to be part of a collab (it was made to stand alone).

Overall I'm happy this is finally done with. This is literally the first project we concieved (there have been many since).

By the way, as far as mine goes, it's old. About 8 or 10 months old. If anyone's wondering 1) No it's not rotoscoped, 2) Yes it's all tweening (characters) and scripted camera work. 3) That IS Seifer Almasy (FFVIII) laying the smackdown (or trying to) on a character of my design. I based some of the movement off of Soul Calibur 2 (specifically the stances, and some of the pressing attacks), and was originally running it at 28fps. At 24fps, it's a bit slow.

NewbieAnimations responds:

i thought foolish mortal's submission was great too. like you said though, the animation where the character pulls the black screen in looks a bit weird, but it's just a minor flaw.

i liked the simple graphics of cybex's animation. i didn't think it was hard to follow. i think the madness series are more confusing.

this is a good example of how someone doesn't need to be experienced with flash to make good movies. the animation wasn't great, but i kinda liked what little story there was.

yeah, indian wrestler's submission was rushed, but it wasn't all that bad. animation wise, it was lackluster, but, like you said, the NG taking over the world theme was interesting. i liked the music too.

like some users have noticed, there is a tiny flaw with pong. if you choose not to play the game, the screen for pong stays there and it gets in the way when you watch the collab submissions. anyways, it was cool to be able to play something while waiting for the collab to load. thanks, bleeblap.

although i thought the pace of the fight was too slow (the characters moved slowly), it was great overall. it was mostly eye candy like foolish mortal's submission, but it was great eye candy. besides, i wouldn't expect anything less from a collab like this.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


well some of them werent bad, i mean, some were REALLY good
but some REALLY sucked
i mean it didnt really work, the bad and good stuff together
and even the good ones either
1. didnt have a point or
2. were boring

nuff said