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Aug 7, 2005 | 1:14 AM EDT

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Many people have been wondering what happened to Piconjo. Piconjo and I were very close, we grew up together in the same neighborhood. Rest in Peace, Piconjo.



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This is so idiotic... but il play along: I'm glad piconjo died, tell me where he was burried so i can piss all over his grave. No piconjo whoo! Piconjo sucks dick(truth). Please tell me, why did you waste your time making this? To fool some 12 year old kids? LOL! I'm glad he did... and I hope it was a really painful slow death, pwnt by cancer, owned, gg.

BillyMonks responds:

Piconjo died for j00r sins.


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He was the man and always will be
r.i.p. Piconjo

BillyMonks responds:

Piconjo <3s j00.


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Wow, Asmodeus &lt;3 j00

It's a sad thing, he was too young to go. He really died of kidney cancer? Man, that's awful....... Rest in peace warrior, have sweet dreams of fame and be well...... Where is he buried? I want to leave flowers.

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BillyMonks responds:

Piconjo <3s j00.


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I don't believe he's really dead. Or rather, refuse to believe it until I find some kind of proof. You might think it weird as I never really knew him. But I'd like to contact you over messenger as possible, you say you were close to him perhaps we could talk about him for a bit.

BillyMonks responds:

Piconjo died for j00r sins. <3


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Little word

when i have seen is flash for the first time i laught a lot and make fool of other poeple is good. If it's for make poeple happy i don't realy know what to say about a Big personality guys have dead and i'm touch and he have touch a lot of poeple about me.
So... Thank you Piconjo anywhere you are. *SOB*

BillyMonks responds: