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Aug 6, 2005 | 9:46 PM EDT

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A basic tutorial on how to draw manga in Flash. I didn't bother to add a preloader, the file is only like 100kb anyways. Enjoy!



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Man, have you any idea how insulting that is? Why would you put that in a flash about how to draw manga? That's in no way being dedicated to the art form from Japan.

Secondly, do you realise manga means "comic"? And if you did, why are you teaching people how to draw and shade in the animation style of Japan?

I just doesn't make sense.

Do some research, develop a better technique. Know all there is to know before trying to teach others.


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lol u guys are stupid, he isnt supposed to ,well, he couldn't teach u step by step like an idiot ...geez....the important part is done by you and ur imagination and creativity, not copying his stuff....


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You basically just said "okay now draw it."


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who ever wrote these reveiws suck I thought it was really helpfull so don't listen to what they say ):


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i can easily say horrible

i can understand it is hard to draw on the comp, but dude you really didnt show anything pro.
let me list...
1. eyes- probably one of the most detailed/important stuff in manga. it shows the character.
2.technique- ummm dude v's? hey it may be good for you, but you forget that's YOUR style. if some one is a newbie the best for techniques you can show is the circle technique. then after awhile learn to configure your own style, one that suits you
3. head- your head would either be chibi or young. its too small to be considered teen+ why only one hair style? also your hair seems to over power the head which i wouldnt care much about, but yours just seems to be pointless.
5.face- nothing. i've already explained eyes. you have nothing shown about noses or mouth.
6. top- your top is ok... its lacking a few things like maybe.. AN INTRODUCTION???? how would they now how to make a body? ill explain later
7. bottom- you've completely left out the bottom.
8.scale- self explanatory
9. human ANATOMY- probably the most IMPORTANT note in manga. Most people think manga isn't anywhere close to real life. they are wrong. you've put in nothing that says about anatomy. it has to follow rules, sizes, shapes.
10. my my this list is long... anyways you've added no details in the difference from chibi art and manga.
11.shade- ok you've added shade, but yours is WAYY off. you should write in a newbie shouldn't start all of a sudden with shade. its complicated. also your shading is off. the shadows are almost completely random. there is no light point, or where the light is shining from.
12.shine- you have no introduction on light and its shine effect on hair
13. wrinkles/fold- you have too many wrinkles to be considered realistic, unless the shirt was like crumpled.
14. emotion expressions- yes you have none
15.action moves- nothing that shows movement/ an elastic effect
16.backround- nough said

okay im not saying ive mastered all of these, but ive got a pretty good hand at it. (6 months since i started drawing) you do, however, get points due to showing stuff.

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