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Take On Me

rated 4.21 / 5 stars
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Aug 4, 2005 | 1:47 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place August 5, 2005

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Author Comments

Fargo, the main organiser of this collaboration, has taken the time and the effort (of nagging the lazy) to bring this collab together. He tried his hardest to learn fbf animation to make this collab the best it could be. Thanks to Fargo and Headshot this collab has finally been released, with artists having to drop out this has taken longer than expected, but now it's here! With a good line up of artists aswell. The song is Take on me by Reel Big Fish, all the artists have tried very hard on each of there parts, so i hope you appreciate all the hard work taht has gone into making the collaboration.

The 16 animators
Mr. simon
Alex Labbe
T3h Funge
Eric Silver
Rubber Ninja

Once again i hope you enjoy the collab =D



Rated 3 / 5 stars

heh heh heh

Pretty well done by everyone, cool song too.

Id just like to say that, you know theres a porno manga called Take On Me.
I just happen to know that for no reason at all...


Rated 3 / 5 stars

... Yet another collab by headshot

Make your own movie for once. Stop leeching off others work.

All your movies are collabs. ALL OF THEM

SpikyBlue responds:

Wow thanks it's the first collab I Organised. and I'm working on my series.

K ? bye


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Bad remix of a good song. And Kiwi, why was a niglet singing it in your first part?

SpikyBlue responds:

Hmmm.. for a 34 year old youre abit of a dumb shit huh?


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Well I'll say this. It wasn't terrible...but i didn't enjoy it for the most part. The guy who organised it, Fargo, you don't seem to have any other movies out on NG. That seems a little strange all things considered, your leading this collab and you don't even have a movie out, let alone a strong one. Plus you seem to think very highly of yourself, if one reads the profile (among the poor spelling and puncuation but i can't really bring a movie down cause of poor grammer XD) and you didn't even put it together...Headshot did 0_0. Your part wasn't terrible, but considering you organised the entire thing, you should have at least had the best part. No, that honour goes to the monkey man (or Wonchop if you please) I love the randomness and variation of characters in his part. Rubberninja's part was funny so i liked it. Other parts I enjoyed was MaxV's, NALO's, EX35's and Mr.Simon's. The others were okay and one or two were piss-poor, to say the least . As i said, it wasn't terrible, but not particularly great. It didn't seem to have a point. It wasn't particualarly funny, nor was it mind-blowing or dramactic or anything else. Now besides the negatives, it's worth watching solely for Mr. Simon's extra, which had me laughing my ass off. Also I think Alexebbe and Rubberninja need to work a little bit more on the female antomony (I'm one to talk XD). btw to Headshot, bit silly making fun of a guy whose part was better than yours (even then ya did a lousy job at it, at least Mr.Simon and Cycon do it right XD, and i don't even dislike Wonchop ). Plus, as i heard, you were telling friends/people on AIM to vote zero on other submissions the day this was released. If it's true, that is low. Very low. So low, it's makes you a stinking little n00b, reaching out desperatly to get your name known. In future guys, unless it's something really special (or fun, but this movie didn't even seem like fun), I would advise not to do more collabs. I'm currently working on a music video of my own and I have been completly tempted to make it into a collab. But theres nothing more satisfying like making a movie completly solo and it doing well =)

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Decent job

Very good animation, but who's idea was it to use that remake? Those guys are practically tone deaf, and they use far too much percussion. I have no problem with people remaking take on me, but I'd like them to do a good job.