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Jul 30, 2005 | 6:49 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place July 31, 2005

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OKay! ALot of you seem to be having trouble double jumping! LET ME TELL YOU ALL THAT THIS IS NOT A BUG! You guys must have crappy computers cause if the game runs at a good speed you'll know how good the game is...I really do feel sorry for you guys that have it glitched up with the jumps, try finding a better PC to play it on and go to the graphics menu and switch to low detail which might help a little.

Dial up people! The pre-loader will show up once 1,500kb of data is loaded so be patient.
The Game might also play a bit slow in the browser, so download the offline version if you have a decent pc so it wont lag on low quality.

Okay. You can find a game guide for this game at my site, the link is in the game and in my profile. Also if you need info on your current mission, pause the game and it'll tell you what your objective is.

The controls are explained in the game, but if you forget, they are in the pause menu. Make sure to save after you beat a level. This game took me a year to make and note, one of the lines was never recorded by the voice actor so there is a crappy substitute for it in the game..but yea it'll be fixed ASAP. And Your save game might go to waste if I update the game so I'll put up a warning whenever I make any changes. Remember to Vote 5



Rated 4 / 5 stars


The double jump works for me but in the lava volcano, in the second part after the jump my game froze...twice...

The-Mercenary responds:

well, save the game and then quit it and load it, it should fix it


Rated 0 / 5 stars

fix the game man

I don't think it's my computer cause a whole fucking lot of people, including me, have a good computer. This fucking double jump is shit, why don't you just make a single jump that goes further . I couldn't even fucking rate this game because i can't double jump through the tutorial. Just make a game with a single jump next time you create a game.

The-Mercenary responds:

hey fucking fag, there is a fucking skip tutorial button, next time dont fucking review a game if you cant play it.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good game.

This was a good game, at least the tutorial and first level were.

People aren't just making up the double jump error though. I can't get past the double jump/hover in the tutorial, or the double jump to get on the first cliff.

It isn't my computer, trust me. The double jump works, but only give him a TINY boost.

And in the tutorial, it just plain doesn't work when you are trying to run sideways at the same time. -> + (Space) doesn't let you double jump.

It's probably a basic error on my part.

Lastly, you should try making your own games, not based on anything that's been done before. That's what really makes a game cool :)

Awesome anyway... Tell me how to fix the bug! It isn't my comp!

The-Mercenary responds:

well...thats wierd it works on my pc...I'll increase his jump ability but I still dont understand how there could be this error. Half the people think I just made the game without giving a crap, well I fucking spent weeks getting everything to work right and a year in total, How in hell would I know a bug like this existed if it didnt happen on my pc, I fixed the stuff the beta testers reported so I thought I was clear. BUt no...all of a sudden when I submit to newgrounds everyone starts getting bugs. I CANT RECREATE THESE SO I CANT FIX THEM. But the jump boost is doable. So I do apologize to you guys for not catching these bugs. But like I said, its not really my fault.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i liked it...

hay man, this was actually quite good once you get into it. for all those who cant get the double jump to work then turn the quality down or something, its about timing not mashing the button untill it works

kudos for the sprites and variaty of gameplay but the controls ARE a bit clunky loved the mini-cut scenes and stuff, they really bring the game together, although some were a bit anti-climactic

to anyone is reading this as an indication of how good this game is: i would recomend playing it at least once, and at least past the first "boss" bit.

and The_Mercenary dont listen to people trying to blam it because the couldnt jump the first jump, if they couldnt make it past there they dont deserve to vote or review it. (sorry if this comment gives offence its just my opinion)

The-Mercenary responds:

I agree with what you said. I told them if they cant get a decent way into the game to not review for the sole reason that the first level fucking sucks compared to the rest of the game.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

very frustrating

Okay where to start?

graphics: not up to the standard of the best but the effort is there.
style: does not have the jak and daxter style at all
sound: repetitive
violence: very repetitive not enough attacks or fluidity
interactivity: the controls are okay but can be so so buggy
humor: did not see any
overall: a very promising game let down by jump bugs repetitive sound and little attack options. I used to love jak and daxter due to the fast paced action and fun to use combos also the whitty humor of daxter was fantastic something that this game lacks.
You say dont make a review unless you have played so far into the game. How do you think people will get that far with the major bug there is seriously in a platformer you dont want a jump bug.

I respect that you spent alot of time on the game but should have least spent some more time on it before deciding it will do. Realy bugs and bad controls in a game dont go down well on newgrounds.

The-Mercenary responds:

Okay dude, THe Controls arnt buggy, PLEASE! FIND A GOOD PC TO PLAY IT ON! THe controls are very responsive on my pc and the game runs very smooth. You probably didnt get far in the game cause you get light jak, guns, etc. There are 24 different sound loops in the game so I dont know how you could say it was repetitive. Again you didnt get very far. I'm sorry but the glitches are caused by your pc's and not my game.