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Jul 21, 2005 | 6:21 PM EDT

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1 - Please write full reviews
2 - Please do not judge based on sexual tastes alone
3 - Not Work Safe!
4 - Enjoy! I hope you have a great time with this flash project of mine ^_^



Rated 5 / 5 stars May 10, 2009


DO THESE GIRLS HAVE LUNGS THE SIZE OF GOLF BALLS?! They should only suffocate to death if they're trying to deepthroat, they'd reflexively pull off if they are, say, AT THE VERY TIP. Also, the bar lies, it kill you when there's 1-3% left.
That cumshot animation is completely unsatisfying. Wish it was a little better, doesn't make one feel like they just accomplished a prize-winning blowjob.

I'm going to spend the next few hours figuring this bullshit out. ><

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Rated 5 / 5 stars April 12, 2009

bejewelled penis

lol, overall good game, pretty challenging, somewhat fun, whats with all the penis jewelery n shit?

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Rated 4 / 5 stars March 23, 2009


They game is really hard! Fun as hell but still hard! My finger hurts as i'm using a laptop, hurts like hell lol
Great job though!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars March 4, 2009

good stuff, a bit harder than the first one

as I said it's a bit harder than the first, but you're a good artist/programmer.

I'd love to see these same girls in a vaginal sex sim! you know with similar style gameplay to this, except vaginal!

it can be setup the same, except the constitution (air) would be "stamina" but if you run out of it she just sits there till it's full again instead of dieing..

the penis you put your mouse on however would have to change position based on the level, like sometimes it would be verticle cause the girl is ontop, and other times it would be horizontal cause it's doggy style ETC.

and the position the sex is done in could change based on how well you are doing, if you are doing really well you get to choose, but if you are doing very badly you get put in positions that you can't easily pull off in.

and it should be that at the end of a session you should try to pull off, but if you're too slow the girl will get a creampie and a random number script would decide if she gets pregnant' (=you loose) or not (=you got lucky this time) oh say; 1-15 pregnant, 16-30 lucky.

a new item (to buy inbetween levels) could be a "magic luck" (which gets used like a life) if you mess up and get cummed inside and the random number script says you're pregnant; the "magic luck" automatically gets used and it says; "wait... false alarm..phew!" and you get to go to the next level, or if you should fail to please the guy it gets used for you to start the level over.

a save function would be nice too (so you can save that you completed it or what level you left off on)

also if you complete it, a special board (for the girl(s) you completed it with) that can be played anytime should be unlocked on the main menue. but without the timer, though it should have buttons to select "position" several different "speeds of fucking", and "cum (in/out)"

pretty much like a typical zone-archive game, but only if you beat the game..

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars February 19, 2009

Doable, but not easy

I managed to get a perfect score in all levels, here is my method:

Choose Moira.
In all levels use only fast horizontal mouse moves, they are easier to control.
The rule for upgrade is:
Have your number so force > constitution > tender.
Don't waste any money on speed.

In first level work on the middle and get the pleasure bar to max, pull out, get 2/3 air back, and finish while pleasure is max. Buy constitution and tender.

In second level work deep. When pleasure bar is max pull out, get 1/2 air back, and finish while pleasure is max.
Buy force.

Third level is easy, just work on the thick part a little
after the middle toward the right. Nothing fancy.
Buy force and constitution.

Forth level is easy, just work on the thick part before
the upside down U. Buy force and constitution.

Fifth level, just work on the middle part. Buy 2*force.

Sixth level, just work on the part closer to root.
If the girl cries you are too deep, pull out a *little*.
Buy force and constitution .

Seventh level, the hardest. Find a nice horizontal spot in the middle, a little to the right, and just work on it. Do *NOT* check any bars, just concentrate on the spot and pray that it will end up on time. (Yes, praying worked for me.)
Buy force to max, 2*constitution and tender.

In eight level work on the right most side and listen to the sound. If it is too deep pull out a *little*.
Buy 2*constitution , 1 tender, 1 speed.

Nine level - same as 8, just easier.

Now if I could only find a real life girl as good as I am then I'd be a happy man.

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