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WoW-Numa Numa Deluxe

rated 3.09 / 5 stars
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Jul 18, 2005 | 6:46 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Ladies and gentlemen due to popular demand WoW-Deluxe is out! you all got bored with the 1 character and half of you told me to make i did! Of course this WoW craze wudnt have started for our tauren hero so go check him out on my other movie (vote 5). Oh and i promise this is the last numa numa ;).



Rated 4 / 5 stars


Who the hell plays UT99 or War 2 anymore? Especially people with nothing better to do then to play videogames and lurk indoors.

Fucking loser.

Sorry to waist review space, but Jesus.

TurkeyHunter responds:

lol i agree dude but ied be happy to own him in any game give me 1 day with it then the next day ill pwn him if he owns 100 game cd's (which i have WAAAY MORE) then why doesnt he have all the up to date gear which will enable him to micro me, lol i told him to bring it on coz seriously i could write up a program to beat him before he could get a shot at me in fps or RPG =P


Rated 3 / 5 stars

seergo, i e-mailed u.

People, if u make a review and cover mine b4 it is answered, plz tell him to read mine.
seergo, i e-mailed u and it said ur e-mail was permenantly damaged, deleted, or never existed, so i'll say it here, i am actually very good with video games, i'll kick ur @$$ in unreal tournament99 anyday, i'll beat you in warcraft 3, warcraft 2, plus i got 8 consoles of my own, my own tv, and over a comibned amount of almost 100 video game cd's, so don't say 11 year old's suck, don't say i suck, i'm not an outdoor person, i don't play outside, i don't run around outside, i have almost no real 'friends' in my school who r willing to come to my house, i do have one friend that's have had since the beginning of first grade (he was in third at the time) i'm now going into 6th, while he is going into 8th grade if i remember correct, i'm gifted (smarter then average person my age), if u have unreal tournament99, go onto the sSs, -=TUC=-, or SoP's servers, i'm on those, and if u have warcraft 3 the frozen throne, /whisper me, my name is nation_of_death, besides that, this was okay, not as great as ur first, but okay...if u'd like a full description of my video games, how good i am at video games, and/or how much i hate the outdoors, U e-mail me, i can't e-mail u, i tried, but the e-mail came back saying the e-mail account i e-mailed to was either permenantly damaged, deleted, or never exsisted, e-mail me at nation_of_death@sbcglobaldotnet (replace the dot with .)or death_of_a_nation@rockdotcom (replace the dot with .), good day to u.

TurkeyHunter responds:

Well "pro-gamer" i hope to let you know...that i myself was once like you as being on the computer more than half my life playing wc3 frozen throne ever since it was out and being ranked 3rd until the asian servers were opened in warcraft 3 i say u haver no chance friend. My alias in WC3 is Cuteboyslim. I dont have UT99 i got UT2k4 id gladly beat u at that coz i own at fps's also my email is i dont know why u think ur such a good gamer and seriously i think your nothing becuasemy father himself created one of the very first retro games and he has been making games ever since so , bring it on dude =)


Rated 2 / 5 stars

its so funny

that was a good idea! i wouldnt have thought of that. The male elf was wierd and the first one was funny. ^-^


Rated 3 / 5 stars


You clearly made it a bit better this time... In fact, good job. It's worth my 3/6. Now.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Its a Jackson Elf...

Pretty funny, and that elf in the loin cloth... Well anyway, some pixellation at times, but all in all not too shabby