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Jul 15, 2005 | 6:35 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place July 16, 2005

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  • Robotech
    Robotech A fan-fiction take on the legendary series!

Author Comments

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I decided to remake my first 10 episodes of Robotech flash. This is episode one. Its nothing special by its self, but it is what the first episode was intended to be.

All animation, 3D models, and art drawn by me. Most sounds by me, others from free websites around the web.

Voices of Rick Hunter and Ben Dixon by Egoraptor.
Voice of Max by El-Shamro
Voice of Lisa by Rina-Chan
Voice of Roy by Foxphere

Full credits will appear at the end of the series.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well Done

I'm really not a fan of anime and I've never watched Robotech or Gundum or whatever, but this was nicely done. The graphics were estremely good and I can tell you spent many hours drawing them. The 3D effects were perfect and it really helped in the graphics portion of the movie. I thought the storyline was nice as well, with multiple characters and unexpected twists. However, there were two things that bothered me. 1) The pace was slightly slow, especially towards the middle and end. It wasn't like I was thinking, "Damn when is this thing gonna end?" because both the storyline and animation were very nice, which kind of distracted me from the sluggish pace. 2) The fighting scenes looked a bit too slow. You made your tweens too long, but I guess if the machines were influenced by a lower gravity than we have here on Earth than who knows. So I don't really hold it against you too much, but I definitely think with your artistic talent that you could've spiffed up the fight scenes a little.
Overall, it was a very good flash that must have took you many hours to complete. Although I'm not really a fan of anime, this one was nicely done. Great job man :D

Nanashi responds:

I know what you mean by sluggish movement, I have been messing with it for weeks tring to speed things up without throwing off the timing of the music, and shortening the thing to 30 seconds. I also take into account that everything that is moving in the scene is HUGE! The jets are bigger than an F14, and if you have ever stood by an F14, you know what I am talking about. :P

Give anime a try, there is an anime show out there for everyone.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


that was sweet i know a bit about robotech from playing the game but i cant wait for the next episode!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


You have the talent to make good flash dont waste it on humdrum anime storylines. I know thats your thing but switch it up make your own property that fun to watch not long and boring with poorly done fight scenes. I waited for that and was sorely dissapointed. Enough with the anime there is too much of it but people still eat this shit up.

Nanashi responds:

Humdrum anime storylines? Personally, I think anime have some of the best storylines ever made. They tend to be very ‘out there’ and futuristic, and always have a little science to back them up and make them even more interesting. I do have work of my own “property” and it doesn’t gather near as much attention as this dose.

People “eat this shit up” because there is a large and growing fan base for Anime. Some of us are sick of watching things that are made simply to make money, with no heart and sole in them at all. Anime tends to be written by people who wish to express themselves (whether that be retro to our own opinions or not) and that’s what makes them so much more interesting than any one of the 6 different CSI shows on TV now days, and that’s why Anime blows away any other animated cartoon ever made.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


For those of us who can process information at more than a sentence a minute, do you suppose you could introduce a turbo button? The animation is superb, and does not look like flash animation. WHats with all the unnecceary pausing?
.....(Lazily) Look.... a ship..
....(Other guy) uhhh(farts) maybe its a trap or something
....(token female, sounding monotone and bored) Lets go in anyway
ten minutes later....
(bam!!!) take that Mr. Bad Guy, you go boom and fall down.

That may not be how it happened, but I hope you get my point.

Nanashi responds:

Upgrade your CPU. If flash animations are lagging for you, then you need a serious upgrade. All voice actors where asked to sound as much like the originals as possible. That’s as close to Lisa as she could get, and frankly, it sounds good to me.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty Nice. im gonna giv 2 Good Points and 2 Bad

#1 good Nice Animation on the Zentrati and the Valkeries
#2 Nice Voices Except when Ricks Friend was talking there was no sound
#1 how can a Small ship as big as a Valkerie carry 6 Zentrati Troops
#2 well thats all i have to complain ;)


Nanashi responds:

#2, yeah, the line needed to be redone, but after 3 months, I got tired of waiting :P

There was no small ship the size of a Valkerie carrying 6 Zentrodi troops. They where in a drop ship.

Thanks for your review.