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Jul 12, 2005 | 11:26 AM EDT

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Author Comments

i know its maybe a little late for NUMA NUMA entries but i just thought it up....can we let it slide? it was hard to think of but im sure u think its a good idea. Thanks guys.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

was really bad

i knew how made it.... what was called everything this just sucks...

not many people know where they from... they think france even though there romainian and there is a romainian flag on the movie!!!


TurkeyHunter responds:

Dude,stfu plzkthx i knew they r romanian theyre name is O-Zone and the songs called Dragonstea Din Tei fucking noobs!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

im sick of numa numa

numa numa was funny at first but it got old quick and there are people still trying to make it funny (did anyone even know a band called O-Zone made that song its called mai ai mee) lets let them go their songs from now on

TurkeyHunter responds:

THE SONGS CALLED DRAGONSTEA DIN TEI ASSWAD FFS LOL NOOB RESEARCH BEFORE U START MATE -.- I BET UR A FUCKING GEEK. I mean look at all your flashes that got past...oh wait sorry...u dont have any?! LOL!


Rated 3 / 5 stars


I liked it, it made me laugh. The concept is probably the coolest for a numa numa yet, but it got old real quick. Also, the audio overlaps itself at one point, another copy of the song starts while the first keeps going. Other than that, I've got no complaints...


... There's always room for numa numa.


Rated 2 / 5 stars


but not that good.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

i really want WoW, couple of my friends have it...

the couple of friends r friends on warcraft 3 the frozen throne, one frien keeps telling me to beg my mom to buy it, but i don't have an allowence, my friend says his mom won't pay for it, so he's paying for it himself, my mom won't pay for it if i buy it, and i can't earn 20 every month right now...i may be 11 and really smart, but i need to think how i can do that....any ideas :), btw that was good, i just can't wait, my bro used to have EQ, but right now he can't afford it and he may not be re installing it ever again :(, the original EQ (ever quest, if u don't know), and he said once we move, he may get it...

TurkeyHunter responds:

well my AIM account is Smeergo im sorry to hear bout you misfortune of getting WoW i agree 11 is too young but keep in there mate even if you did get WoW it would be useless to you no offence but 11 year olds dont exactly rock at playing games...i share my sympathy and hope u get tonnes of great games in the future...i got a job and i can afford it on my own...i also get an allowance works with me damn im lucky...i wish i cud share my money ='(