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Jul 8, 2005 | 7:11 PM EDT

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  • Dragonball Z
    Dragonball Z The most popular cartoon series gets a lot of attention from Flash artists!

Author Comments

Been a while since I have submitted anything, with Majin Vegetto being held back because of a few things, I decided to make something else while the problems where being sorted out, Enjoy!




Rated 5 / 5 stars

Another masterpiece, was kind of short though...

One: It was kinda short to be a full episode, but I believe that is because so much megabytes are used to make just a small portion. And it's hard to get a large project done in a short amount of time. But good preloader, I'd have to say.

Two: You should do your work more like this, that way you can get it done with and then work back over it with voice actors.

Three: Now for all captive audiance of this great work of Majin Ryan, the DBZ Drawwing Dai Kaioshin. You should know that if a person practices drawwing he'll improve. There is like no example of any work for him to be tracing over by within his own work, take for instance the one with Goku's funny rasberry (That's when you stick your tongue out and make a rasberry sound with it). So it is quite obvious this is invented and completely original work of Majin Ryan. So for the last time get the tracing criticism out of your damn heads and give the man some credit for his hard work.

I mean after all, do you see any adult Goku rasberries on google?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is as good as the TV show!

I can honestly say that was some of the greatest flash drawing ive ever seen on NG and it blatently hasnt been traced because it has a few tiny flaws in them (no offence) like when Brolly's eyebrows vanish halfway through (i don't no if there ment to) but o well its still great hope to see more like this keep up the good work ^^


Rated 5 / 5 stars

gary you idiot!

Hey gary_dellabate, you have got to be the most stupid person ever! i speak to Ryan on msn and i even asked him if he could have a remote assistant convo with me, and he agreed to it and i was watching him WHILE HE WAS DRAWING IT and he wasn't tracing! and your saying people have a bad memory lmao!! your the one with the bad memory, even a goldfish could remember more than you! i think i have made my point ¬_¬

The movie itself: Great!! loved it, i can't wait for the next episode ^^

Majin-Ryan responds:

lol why'd you insult a goldfish? they have more brains than that guy XD


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Just admit that you trace.

Do you really want me to take a screenshot (or even a video clip) of DBZ and then put it sidebyside to your Flash? Because I will do it just to prove a point.

I've seen DBZ about a million times over and over again including all the movies. And I am 100% positive that you traced. Either that, or you stole the brain of the DBZ animators and made the EXACT same poses, camera angles, and animations as they did. I'm talking EXACT. Which is why I know that you traced.

Anyone who can't see this either hasn't seen enough DBZ or has a bad memory.

Tracing is fine. Just ADMIT when you do it because that's pretty low. You don't have to trace stuff just so you can feel good about yourself. Because in the end, I bet you don't... I"m sure you feel really guilty (you should at least... if you have a conscious).

Majin-Ryan responds:

Am i having another de ja vu? listen dickhead, i dont trace, i've been watching DBZ even before it was aired on TV, and i have been drawing it for a LONG time, so its not hard to get it right, and no, i don't feel guitly cause there is no need to when i DONT TRACE, when will YOU get it through that thick head of yours!? I DON'T TRACE! Sure, do a clip and show me, if i wasnt confident enough i wouldnt ask you now would i


Rated 5 / 5 stars


You're great at making these flashes! Your artwork is great, too! Looks like the real thing!

Majin-Ryan responds:

Thanks ^^, im glad you liked it =D