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The Fingertips Project

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Jun 19, 2005 | 5:44 PM EDT

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Author Comments

"The Fingertips Project" is a massive collaboration done by various members of the animutation discussion list, set to the song Fingertips by They Might Be Giants. 13 artists come togethor with different styles, some relying on classic animutation cliches such as Colin Mochrie, some using original characters and animation, and some being just plain bizzare, but in the end producing a unique work of entertainment.

The full list of artists is as follows:
Toxic the Machine AKA Bob Barker, Andrew Kepple, Neil Cicierega, Random Ferret,Un-J, Eric Fleck, ChainsawJugg1er, Nathew, Mudi, Glutnix, Bill Volk, Bort and Keith Stack.

It's true that others have tried making a video for Fingertips before, and in no way did we attempt to steal any ideas from them. But also, very few have ever done the full track in its entirety. It's not the most breathtaking work that you'll find on here. You can click on the top 50 for that. But it's interesting.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love it that every time the ' Whoose knocking on the wall' part comes up, that its a different person to pop up..

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I've been a big fan of animutations from the beginning. I'm pretty sire I've watched this one the most out of them all. <3 It's just so amazing.


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Rock on!

I'm glad we stuck with it through thick and thin. Major props to Toxic for making it happen, Tony for giving us a good challenge with an impossibly incoherent song, and everyone involved for their awesome wackiness, and Andrew's room mate (?) for getting his car ruined in the name of hilarity.

Now, a response roll call:

-BeaverZombie: I'm glad you enjoyed the potato, you crazy Canadian you!

-Flaming_Wombat: Stop talking out of your ass and look at the fact that it's all one song called "Fingertips" by They Might Be Giants, hence the name of the project (which is exactly what it is, an animutation-themed project, not an animutation. You want a continuous animutation I got one comin' soon)

-ImWithStupid5868: What Toxic said... and please pay more attention before you criticize something next time.

-Marcato: We eat, sleep, and breathe bright colors and bad cutouts.


-Im_Dirty_Dan: Best thing I've made in a few hours.

-Neil: Word.

-Scotttheskaterr: I live in Chicago, but I'm in Milwaukee a lot, and man... the Beast is possibly the third worst beer I've ever had, and that's saying a lot.

-k1lo5: I'm glad we made you laugh, now we've achieved what only fart jokes and ubiquitous use of the word "faggot" have done in the past. You better pray for the Bad Grammar Gods to help you flunk out before you reach high school, so you never have to take the SAT, but then again I'm pretty sure you can manage that one on your own.

-morefngdbs: What Toxic said. And what I said to Flaming_Wombat.

-mrsaucytrousers: You're a poet and you didn't know it! Thanks man.

-El_Manana: All my firstborn are belong to you. In Soviet Russia, movie protects YOU! etc. etc. Thanks dude!


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something fucking original.. i luvs it, best thing in a few hours!


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Never could forget this crazy collab.

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