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The Fingertips Project

rated 4.21 / 5 stars
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Jun 19, 2005 | 5:44 PM EDT

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Author Comments

"The Fingertips Project" is a massive collaboration done by various members of the animutation discussion list, set to the song Fingertips by They Might Be Giants. 13 artists come togethor with different styles, some relying on classic animutation cliches such as Colin Mochrie, some using original characters and animation, and some being just plain bizzare, but in the end producing a unique work of entertainment.

The full list of artists is as follows:
Toxic the Machine AKA Bob Barker, Andrew Kepple, Neil Cicierega, Random Ferret,Un-J, Eric Fleck, ChainsawJugg1er, Nathew, Mudi, Glutnix, Bill Volk, Bort and Keith Stack.

It's true that others have tried making a video for Fingertips before, and in no way did we attempt to steal any ideas from them. But also, very few have ever done the full track in its entirety. It's not the most breathtaking work that you'll find on here. You can click on the top 50 for that. But it's interesting.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

this is something for people who are stoned

it wwas real good, origional at best. but i think you could make FREAKIN AWSOME action things with the way you made the first scene. like those dudes behind the other dudes. hulk hogan and jesus for example. use that and you would be front page for a month at the latest


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Im not a big fan of animutation...

...and that really didnt make me like it much more. I thought it was ok...I guess. Nothing made me smile so..Ive seen better by you guys.

Graphics: Its animutation...there were a few parts that were actually drawn and animated that I liked though.
Style: It was sorta original I guess...
Sound: I gave sound a good score since there was a lot of different music.
Violence: There was some violence at times.
Interactivity: Yay for play button?
Humor: I smiled here and there.

Toxic-AKA-Bob-Barker responds:

Well I can understand the low ratng of 4. But did you have to give ineractivty a 1? There was more than just a play button! There were play and pause buttons , allowing the user to go back and forth betweenf rames and scenes. There was also objects that were randomized. And there was a bunch of buttons in the ned menu for scene selection and author information.

But I guess that's what you get for being with Stupid.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I don't know how to say this, but...

That kinda sucked. I love animutation, but this one was not up to par with other ones. I can tell the problem right away: it kept shifting from one song to another. Only now do I realize that for an animutation to work, it needs continuity. I was proven right (in my opinion, anyway) on the last song, which went on for longer than usual and was a lot more entertaining to watch. It's just really awkward to watch when you keep changing the song every five seconds. Maybe this was just an experiment, but I'll tell you right now: it failed. Don't do it again. But do make another animutation collab with one song constantly playing. That would surely be a great sight.

Toxic-AKA-Bob-Barker responds:

Okay, I can understand that you were disapointed in the lack of continuity, after all it wasn't my idea to do this song anyways. However, thhat's the way the songs were. They were just little fragments. But although many of these seemed unrelated, the elements were brought togethor in the end.

But don't worry. We may go on and make another collaboration. Maybe to Incomplete by The Backstreet Boys. I'm sure no one is planning on doing that...


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Tech problem

At first I thought that your download was corrupted, and all that came though was random file fragments- then I registered some sound continuity. I didn't like it and I don't have any .......advice to offer at all

Toxic-AKA-Bob-Barker responds:

Well if the songs seemed like fragments that's because they were. Blame They Migh Be Giants for that.