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Jun 9, 2005 | 5:57 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place June 10, 2005
  • Weekly 4th Place June 15, 2005

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Author Comments

** Notice: Text will fly by fast! So read faster! **
** Warning! Some scenes might be found Very disturbing to some. **

15/04/09 More News: It's still happening.

05/08/06 Additional News: I've updated the file with a new one. New fonts, less faulty grammar and replaced the old Lilium *opening version* song with the extended one. The transfer went... Swell. =) Please have a look.

Edit: Ok... Things are going too far. I had no IDEA where this submission would end up after posting it here on Newgrounds. And honest to God, I am overwhelmed by the response that I've got. I try to keep up with the reviews and mails that you send me. And if you sent a mail and I havn't responded, I am sorry... There are just so many. T.T

Based on the amount of reviews, I feel there is need for some (even further) explanation of stuff:
1. Some of you feel that the story is lacking and has no real substance. I understand this, since I had to cut it short because of the length of the song (which I had to edit and generaly murder to make it twice as long). The text fly by fast because of the same problem.
2. And as for the gory part... I try to keep open minded about things in the world and I dont get upset easily... Things I find minor offensive, others might find alot worse. And if you open your eyes a bit you'll realize that things like these actually DO happen.
3. Lilium... She's a special girl. Try to have that in mind before you judge her.
4. The Shadow and the Brother... There's a reason why he wanted her brother the way he was.
5. I didnt have any political thoughts with this movie... Whatever happens in the movie does not have anything to do with my political views on anything. Its just a story.
6. I am not a Goth. I am not Emo. I just like writing stories. I hate being labeled.
7. I did write the dialogue... Though it was a very bold move since I've never rhymed in all my life and English isnt my native language. (I'm Swedish for those who are curious.)
8. The song is from the Anime, Elfen Lied. At first when I saw the anime I was a bit stunned. But I loved it in a non-sadistic way (if that's possible). Some of you say my story is identical (or near it) to Elfen Lied's story... Which I find odd. Only similarity might be the excessive violence, other than that... No.

9. ... I am working on a sequel... And it will be alot different from this one.

*End of Edit*

This is my first Flash creation ever and it took about 4 days to complete. I had never before seen Flash in action so I pretty much learned as I went by... Never before have I sceamed that much and cried because the software didnt work with me... Still the thing came out pretty ok.
There isnt really any "animation" in this piece... Its more of a slideshow of sorts, telling of a very important event in the young girl, Lilium's, life.
The main thought of the movie was for it to work as a presentation for my RPG character (regular D&D style... Paper and Pen)... There are some written dialogue in there... Read fast! The script was longer than the song would alow... Enjoy!

Promise my next uploads will contain alot more animation and alot more action. ^^d



Rated 4 / 5 stars June 13, 2005

very beautiful.

Its hard to say that this couldve been done any better. The music, the art, the poetic story telling. One of my favorites. I tip my hat to people who make such beautiful pieces of art such as this. Thank you...


Rated 5 / 5 stars June 13, 2005


Beautifully done, i thoroughly enjoyed the poem and the flash that went along with it. It was touching in a strange way, and funny in a sadistic way. I give you a 10 good sir, and i hope that you make something similar to this. Peace out.


Rated 5 / 5 stars June 13, 2005


I have been shown the incarnation of brilliance and her name is Lilium


Rated 5 / 5 stars June 13, 2005

Truly an Understood Movie

After reading the other reviews iv'e realized how much meaning there is in the flash and that people understand it very well, not confusing them about Lilium. I admit id also like to see more, a series with her as the main character, about her life, before and after she met the shadow. Although by making more it ruins the mood of the first movie also. The choice is yours, and if you make a second movie or in the RPG please include a boy that has a cool looking sword, sorry but im such a huge fan of RPG's with guys with huge blades twice their size, just looks so cool when they slash monsters and stuff. ^^; Anyway great movie, cant wait to see more.


Rated 5 / 5 stars June 13, 2005


Wow.. that music was beautiful. And this was very eerie, This has made my day better, "sniff, so pretty"