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Jul 12, 2001 | 1:12 PM EDT

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ITS FINALY HERE! Pat and jon's mexican adventure!
this took us a week, so ya better like it. the higher quality quictime will be on our site shorty



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:WARNING: Authentic Garbage

Horrid stuff mate! It was cliché, not funny, and a waste of space on the internet..

Add subtitles, don't make spin-offs, and don't submit anything like this again. It's for your safety..

:Across The Board:
This was a failure of epic proportions.


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NO MORE!!!!!

Your insulting Canada with every flash you make!Stop it!Don't judge him because he's Canadian,OUR COUNTRY CAN DO BETTER!!!!!!!!As for the movie,it was so bad,I just stoped watching it when it showed them at the concert,because I wasn't gonna let anymore of my time be wasted by this crap!Delete all your flashes,and stop making new ones PLEASE!!!!!!!

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lol, They looked like middle easterners, not mexicans. I have to agree with the others. That was pretty bad, but if you just made the movements and graphics better (give it like 5-6 hours of work)it could be funny....sorta. But now it just sucks, sorry.


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Don't listen to these fuckers who rip you're work jon, it's got good potential (even tho u ripped it from south-park lol :P).


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Worse than "B"

This is the worst shit ever
i have to agree with the last reviewer.
have you actually looked at the other submissions on NG?!
did you really, at any time believe that this would stay on Newgrounds?!
we might be expecting a little much, but NG users expect way more than this trash that does not deserve to stay protected.
i made a flash and submitted it. it got blammed. but it got a higher score than this did
trust me, i know what the people of NG are thinking.
i can read thier minds like books
and they all think the same (on average) of this movie:


p.s. i closed it halfway.

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