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mIRC Primer

rated 2.80 / 5 stars
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Jun 3, 2005 | 2:46 AM EDT

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Author Comments

After being asked several times how to log on to our IRC channel with mIRC, I decided to make a little tutorial on how to download, configure and use it. I'm hoping it will be able to help IRC newbies from other corners of the web as well.
This tutorial covers a bit of how IRC networks are laid out, where to download mIRC, how to configure it, how to use IRC Services to register nicknames and channels, and how to strike up a conversation. If there's enough interest, I'll add scripting and other advanced topics.
Reviews and constructive criticism welcome!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I read all of that information

Even though I don't use mIRC anymore, I still took the time to read through the information in this flash and I find it very useful for people that want to use mIRC properly. I wasn't really much of a person that used those sort of things, just used it to chat, mainly the VGMusic chat room. :) Anyway, nice work. :)

Forteblast responds:

Cool, thanks. If you can think of anyone else who might like it, send them along. We could always use more people in our chat room. :)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Nice. Didn't read through any of it though. :|

Forteblast responds:

Um... okay. =P


Rated 3 / 5 stars

good tutorial on how to use IRC

I already know how to use the tool, but i'm going to have to show my friends this.. I had no freakin clue how to work the dang thing when I first got it.. I was like wtf? to everything, and I know almost everyone else ive tried to get to use it does the same and I really hate explaining it.. there are some advanced functions you left out, but that's okay, because they're really annoying and this is mainly for newbies anyway :p

thanks for the tutorial!

Forteblast responds:

Yeah, the whole point of this was so that I wouldn't have to explain it again, and perhaps that less people would have to go through what I did as a noob.
Now that this is through the Portal, I'll be sure to add some more advanced stuff. Thanks for the kind words!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

good orientation

Strengths: nice introductory orientation to mIRC - the sequence of help screens was logical & well ordered. The screenshots & pictures of the mIRC user interface were helpful as well, and will probably help viewers understand your primer & featured content. Most explanations are also concise & straight to the point. Finally, the simple user commands you made available were quite useful.

Weaknesses: the use of more colour would greatly enhance ur presentation - perhaps distinguishing main headings from content material. A graphically rich background would be beneficial as well - but of course not one of those Megabyte expending fancy backgrounds.. ya' kno hehe.. To further polish off ur presentation - perhaps adding a fancy menu with more detailed menu's would do the trick. How about sound effects as well? Anyway, Looking forward to further installments of more advanced commands- maybe the basics of Remote scripts & F key Alias'- good job

Forteblast responds:

Thanks for the tips. I'm well aware of the weaknesses - I just wanted to see if anyone thought this was any good before I wasted too much more time spiffing it up. I'll add the neat little menus and graphics and sound effects and stuff (maybe narration, too) later. Right now, I'm focusing on content. Scripting and aliases are next!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice tutorial

It was nice overall, here's the list of things you could add:

- NoName Script for mIRC. It makes chatter's life easier with using all those bots like NickServ and it brings skins to mIRC.

- add some support for the Q bot found on QuakeNet network. QN is really popular so it would be nice if you included some info on it for newbies.

That's all I can think of :)

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Forteblast responds:

Holy crap, dude, this is for NEWBIES. YOu want me to drown then in mIRC script when they hardly learn to log on?
Don't worry, when I make this more comprehensive, I'll add more complicated things.