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May 28, 2005 | 7:27 AM EDT

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UPDATE (30/10/05)

Well, I changed the preloader. Changed the picture and removed all the text. I also removed some text on the epileptic part. That's about it.

UPDATE (29/5/05)

People, I'm aware this flash needs more animation, and I'm also aware of some of the badly sized up sprites. The critism I'm receiving are helping me a lot and hopefully, my next flash will be 10 times better than this flash. The effort will be, but there'll be people that will probably like this flash more than the next one I'll make.

Oh, and I will NOT be drawing anything for my future animations with the exception of lip sync. I am terrible at drawing and I doubt I would ever improve my drawing skills, so sprites are what I will use in my future flashes. I know people don't like sprites, but there are people that like sprites. No matter what flash I submit on Newgrounds, I will get both sides of the reviews about sprites and some other things.


I'm a fan of SOAD's songs and when I first heard this song, I thought "Whoa! This song is so good!" and I couldn't stop listening to it. So basically, to get a good start at Flash and to make something good with the song, I have made this flash right here.

This flash I have made is almost exactly the same thing I thought in my head. Sprites and a bit of other things which have made me enjoy making this flash.

Also, there might be a possible chance that the credits could lag your computer. When I tested it on Flash, it was starting to slow down a bit.


Facts about the flash:
Frames: 3600
Filesize of .fla file: 8,456K



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Wow, pretty random, but hilarious flash.

~The Pros~

Well, this flash was totally random, but hilarious. At first, I didn't know that this song was an actual song. Using my researching skills, errr....ITunes...., I was able to find that it was made by System of a Down. I never really liked them, but this song was really great for the flash. It fit perfectly. The all sprite animation was done really well, and the characters were interesting and reminded me of FF sprites. I liked the mouth movement along with the lyrics as well.

~The Cons~

Well, as this being a sprite flash, I can understand that the characters may be pixelated a bit. But seriously, when you zoomed in on a character, it was so pixelated that it was hard to differanciate that sprite from just colored blocks. I understand that this flash was ment to be funny, and to do so, you needed to zoom in, but it was still pixelated. Also, there really wasn't any movement at all, but the different scenes were compiled together pretty nicely.

Overall, a crazy flash that shows just how crazy you are Bahamut-. I hope that you benefit from this review! XD

Brought to you by the Review Request Club!

3 out of 5

Murray responds:

Those were Final Fantasy sprites. :) And yes, it shows how crazy I am! Thanks owTolaH (I know what that means).



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

That was an interesting flash.

When I first saw Cigaro as the title, I knew it was going to have the SOAD song. And to my surprise, it has Final Fantasy characters in it along with LOLercopters and Lollerskates! Two things you would never expect to mix just have and it feels so good. For improvements, the FF characters really don't move except for their mouths, so more movement would bring more viewer's attention. The sound was great quality and had great synching. I found it humorous, even though that may have not been a concern. Overall, Great job, but more movement would be nice!
Grade: B

Murray responds:


Yes, I am a crazy bastard! Thanks for reviewing MetalDart!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Lol nice.

That was so random, but funny shit. A Cigaro music video with sprites... a hell of alot better than it sounds :)

Murray responds:




Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ha, that was awesome!

~The good~

The song song really surprised me in the begining, all of a sudden they're talkinig about ^_^"cocks"^_^! I never heard this song, so that was a new experiance for me. The graphics were done pretty good, and the lip synching was done pretty good as well, especially for a sprite flash, that's definetely harder.

~The bad~

Well, it was kind of random for you to put in FF6 charcters into this flash, it really doesn't fit the music. Also, this flash could've done with all the epilepsy-causing scenes, kind of pointlessly there.

Overall, a very funny sprite flash that really made me laugh. I hope this review was helpful!

Review Request Club

Murray responds:

I was really addicted to this song. Not because it said cock, but because of how crazy the song is. Of course, my randomness was just for fun. Thanks for that good review Agak!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

This was an okay movie

I thought that this was an okay movie. A lot of things needed some improving, like the graphics (the over-sized sprites and the overall animation in total). The song, while slightly sick, is still a pretty good song; I kind of like System of a Down, but I might have chosen a different song to animate... but that's really just my personal opinion.

The graphics, as I said above, could definately use some work. I mean, the sprites were definately way to large, as two of them basically took up the whole screen. Also, I might not have used sprites, but I might have used actual animtion (not saying that you didn't use animation, but...) And another thing is that it was sort of the same thing over and over again. You should try and do different animations. The background wasn't bad, but it could, as with many other things about this movie, use some improving (I'm not saying that this a bad movie or anything).

The style of this movie wasn't bad either. The sprites kind of gave it some style, as some people like sprites. The movie wasn't especially 'stylish'; what I mean by that is this: the sprite were too pixelated, the pre-loader wasn't especially great or anything, and adding the BBS emotican was kind of a nice touch, but what was its point? I'm not saying that everytinhg in movie's need to have a point, but, just... what was the point?

As I said before, I like System of a Down. This is an okay song by them (I'd never heard it before until this movie, although Id heard of it), but I might have picked a different song by them to animate (also mentioned above). The timing of the subtitles with the soong was great; everything was basically right when it should have been.

There was virtually no violence in this movie; I gave violence a 1 because there, well... there just seemed to be something kind of vioent about the movie itself, it's hard to explain... (this isn't a bad thing). Anyway, I'm not saying that this movie needed violence or anything, i just thoguht I'd mention that.

Interactivity, once again, was practically non-existent. I gave it a 1 (again) because of the 'PLAY' button at the beginning. There was no 'REPLAY' button, which would have been nice, but it isn't a necessity. Another thing you could have done was make maybe a menu; with different sections for each part of the movie. Maybe even an extras menu, or a scene selection. Just a thought.

And, finally, humour. There was none of this. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as this flash wasn't really trying to be funny. Once again, if you added a menu, maybe you could include some humorous stuff into one of the sections... maybe a 'deleted scenes' part of the movie, or something... once again, just a thought.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good movie, but it could use some improving. There was nothing wrong with the length of this movie, and, if there was anything wrong with it, it would have been that it was too long! (It wasn't though.) So, jsut make some improvments to it, like the oversized sprites were kind of a problem, and you shouldn't have doing (basically) the same thing over and over again. But, overall, pretty nice job!

Murray responds:

Wow, this is one hell of a review. I will be responding to each paragraph.

First paragraph, I do agree with the movie needing to be improved, although when I made the movie, I didn't really care about the flaws of this flash. All I cared about was having a good go at flash and getting it to pass judgment zone and have my very own flash. To be honest, I thought there was a chance of this flash getting blammed, but luckily, there were people giving the flash a good score then. :)

Second paragraph, graphics, well, yes, not too pixelated sprites, although back then, I wanted to fill up the empty space there was on the flash and to try and use lip sync on the characters.

Third paragraph, yeah, I remember liking sprites a lot. I said I would be sticking to sprites for all the flashes I would make, but looking at my flash named ":", I don't think I would survive very long by making sprite flashes all the time. It might turn out like illwillpress' flashes with those flashes going downhill. Besides, I would like to try and make non-sprite flashes like my flash tomorrow which I have drawn on the flash. :O I would like to try and be part of the Clock Crew sometime and make some clock flashes.

Fourth paragraph, this is a newer song of SOAD. It was very new when I heard it and got too addicted to this song (seriously, I was listening to that song for over 100 times on one day, or it felt like I was listening to the song that much on one day). The subtitles, I did my best to try and keep the timing with the song right. BTW, did you read the secret messages? ;)

Fifth paragraph, I didn't aim for violence in this flash. Not all flashes do need violence in them, although I guess people would prefer flashes with violence than flashes with no violence.

Sixth paragraph, the replay button. Well, I couldn't be arsed with the actionscript for Flash. I do know that there's actionscript placed on Flash, but I didn't want to get the flash messed up if I tried to make a replay button or anything. However, the flash I will be submitting tomorrow WILL contain a replay button.

A menu button, hmm, I don't think that's necessary for this flash. If a flash I make isn't a long flash, then I don't think it's necessary to add a menu on this flash. Besides, if I did, it would make it a lot harder to try and get everything right in this flash, lol. Extras, hmm, I could've had some extras in this flash, but I just wanted to complete the flash and then submit it to the portal. Deleted scenes, well, there were no scenes deleted. :P

Seventh paragraph, I'm happy to read this. You understand that I didn't aim for humour in this flash, although it did give some people a good laugh. I am also happy to hear that it did make some people laugh since that's something I think I keep failing at. Being funny and making people laugh.

Last paragraph, yes, improving was needed for this flash. Thanks for that excellent review Frenzy_Explosion. Heh, when I was reading this review, I thought you were a 16 year old, but your profile said you're 13, which really surprised me with a very long review like this. O__O