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LL - Wish You Were Here

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May 11, 2005 | 6:02 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place May 12, 2005

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Author Comments

Thank you Newgrounds for the Daily 5th! Its very appreciated ^_^

Also, please note... We know most of us missed the true meaning of the song given out by Pink Floyd. But the whole fun of collabs is seeing how different people interpret the song. We know the true story is Syd Barret went crazy from drug abuse but we don't really care. The sucide/emo/death theme started out with just my((Marshmallow)) part and then started to snowball. Please don't leave reviews about us "Missing the Point".
Finally! It has arrived! The Lock Legion has come out with yet another major collab, Wish You Were Here By Pink Floyd. After 4 months in production, members dropping and joining, we have all come together to bring you this masterpiece!

Artists include:
AppleLock, Wonchop(CloudLock), MP3_Lock, Zippo Lock, BlackcherryLock, sandman0277 (MarshmallowLock), Mongoose_Lock, VanillaCoke Lock, Tack Lock and CommunistLock. All members have worked hard on making their pieces, and touching them up constantly.

We are proud of our work and hope you enjoy it!

**Made Exclusively For Newgrounds**



Rated 5 / 5 stars

If I wasn't banned at LL .com I would post this ..

Got my five.

Dr Pepper Lock


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Got my 5

No need to say more...



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Movie

Another collab I was honored to be in.. Good job marshy on getting it all together. Can't wait to do another one.


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Rated 5 / 5 stars

<3 teh lawk legion

FUCKING cool...although i don't like the song (coz it's sad and all...), i like the movie coz lawkz rawk, right?



Rated 4 / 5 stars

None of you understood the song, right?

Mongoose on my thoughts was the most close to understanding the song, it isn't about a bunch of obejcts with locks killing themself (We have Linkin Park for that emo shit) i may understand your part, Marsh but the others had no meaning did any of you actually see the movie "The Wall"?. Anyways, as i said before in enjoyed mongooses part the best since it wasnt about emo faggoty (No offence) and actually had something that looked like the scene from the wall (Mongoose seating in front of the television screen) though later on he also ruined it with the all crazy thing... Anyways i thought all the parts wer'e pretty decent (graphic wise, thats is.) though really, cut the emo bullshit, why ruin this song with such crap. I gave this a 8 because i can see you have worked on it alot and it did take you long enough to get a decent score.

-TV Clock

Lock-Legion responds:

Thanks TV ^_^. I know, I know, we all missed the point (besides Mongoose) and as I've said MANY times before, the emo thing started as something small ((with my part)) and then everyone was short on ideas, so they stole mine ((those bastards))... It doesn't really matter what the song is supposed to be about, its what the author turns their part into is what really matters.