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Apr 24, 2005 | 7:06 AM EDT

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!!Press "Enter" anytime during introclip to skip!!

12/30/05 - InuYasha: Kikyo's Adventure(No nudity, sorry guyz/girlz!), origonaly Kikyo's Hentai Dress Up, release date early-mid January 2006. Started in 2003, been refined and worked on for almost 3 years now.. Don't worry though, it's worth the wait!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars December 30, 2013

made in gadets-dress up


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars August 9, 2012

The clothing didn't move well, and you couldn't take the white panties/bar off so what was the point of adding the black one? It wouldn't let me pass through the first minigame, though it said I was correct every time. The intro was the best part of the game..


Rated 1 / 5 stars July 5, 2012

dude i never got pass ed level 1


Rated 0 / 5 stars July 4, 2012

what the heck? it doesnt even work! i pressed enter and it kept saying: "PRESS ENTER"


Rated 3 / 5 stars June 20, 2012

Good game here

Grat game here great idea and awsome idea with the mini game, So first i will start off with the intro its pretty good was not too much but it was nice to see an intro before the actaul flash starts up, there was not much but still a decent intro made it even more enjoyble, so nice effort there.Ok so with this one i saw something differant, and that wa sthe little mini game to earn more items, that was the first time i seen that in any dress upgame, and that should actually be in more games to earn more items, but, you should have had more of the mini games for even more items as the itemsyou did have in this was just too few and even fewer inbetween, and then there was no backrounds thats another one you should add more backrounds and differant ones besides the purple ones and it wouldnt hurt to have a much larger view screen, more otems can be placed and more to see aswell better detail all around, so these are a few ideas and tips that would really improve on this decent flash game, And another tip might be adding some "MEDALS" to the game like with themini game part and thatmight actually work better, This was a decent flash, now ofcourse there were some things that could be better and fixed and such, stated a few of them above and some more tips added below, these tips should help to make it somewhat better if not maybe they will give you some ideas, but even if you didnt use any of these tips you have a decent idea here with this flash, i look forward to seeing much more of your work inthe near future.

I thought you had a good game here there was some slight fixes and upgrades you can put in, nothing to take away from your flash, just a few tips to make things better. You should try and add some Medals to this flash its the perfect fit, not sure how you could match the two types but would give the game more quality and ofcourse some great replay value, something to think about.The one thing with this was the size of the screen or view screen, it was just kind of small and could be larger, that way you can add more stuff to it, larger screen just allows more creation for you and the player so give it a try besides it can makes the game have some more quality that way. Dress-up games like yours here are great and i love these types because you can be very creative, but when you dont have much to chose from you cant do much but a few basic stuff so add much more items and props, Also adding some items that have animated effects would also make it more unique aswell. So you do have a good dress-up game here, one of the things that could be improved on would be the backrounds its too plain or bland as some say, so as an idea why not have it colored, or add some nice flashy graphics to it, or even go forth and put even more effort by having a scene selector in there

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