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The Linda Show 2

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Apr 19, 2005 | 5:51 PM EDT

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Author Comments

The President's "biggest" fan is back in The Gay Agenda.

Yeah! Front Page! I’m back baby!

Anyway, I’m enjoying reading each and every review. I wish I could respond to them all, but let me just thank everyone who liked it and offered support and praise! I hope this stupid, little cartoon sparks some much needed debate in our country. If you would like to discuss the topics of this toon with me, feel free to email.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Words cannot describe how much i'm laughing!
A totally brilliant flash about the majority of Americans today and how fucked that country is.
Comedy gold!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wouldn't be as funny, if it wasn't true.

The funnies thing about this is that there are people out there that reflect this work. Most here think the characters that are portrayed in the series are complete morons, and probably should be put out of their misery - in a brutal, and inhumane way!- It is indeed funny to see the quality of U.S. TV simplified down to what it is, then shows straight, and how the over zealous christians of the U.S.A. have to have everything censored to fit their fantasical mind-sets. Perhapse they will see what the world is now, instead of looking at it from a two thousand year old text that may have accually held some real relevence in the ~old~ days.

Good flash, parody, and indirect attack - it is so subtle. XD


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Put a Smile on my face

Which doesn't happen too often. Nice job with this. The look of it was television quality, very good job. Style was nice, I love political satire, sound was good nothing wrong, and as I've mentioned I love this humor. When the flash was over I felt it ended too soon, not because you made it too short but because as I was getting into it I mistook this simple flash on newgrounds as an actual television show. So when it was over and 30 minutes didn't pass I thought, "Oh yeah, this is Newgrounds." Very nice job, not a lot of flashes have high enough quality to do that.

Overall, excellent flash. Good job.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazingly dead on vision of the urban disease

I've been watching the george bush shows for some time now and have enjoyed every one of them, but this particular flash just blows me away, the way the author condenses and slightly (just slightly) exaggerates american television, consumerism and intellect to the point where I believe that if the average nascar dad and accompanying family were to see their excesses shown to them in that fashion they would be disgusted at their ignorance. Then again i'm probably overestimating the abstract thought capabilities of some of these people.

At any rate, Sam T i would like to say that's the funniest thing I've seen all week and as a Canadian living in an american media saturated world, I sometimes forget there are still people that ask the important questions and think for themselves, it's nice to be reminded of that.

Thank you...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good. Point.

That was...hilarious. That was absolutely hilarious. ANd at the same time, strangely sad, because there's a lot of people out there just like that. The voice acting in this was phenominal, absolutely great. But the writing was clever as always, and even more so than usual from you, which is saying a lot, as I'm a big fan. Great job on this, keep up the good work!