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The Linda Show 2

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Comedy - Original

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Apr 19, 2005 | 5:51 PM EDT

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The President's "biggest" fan is back in The Gay Agenda.

Yeah! Front Page! I’m back baby!

Anyway, I’m enjoying reading each and every review. I wish I could respond to them all, but let me just thank everyone who liked it and offered support and praise! I hope this stupid, little cartoon sparks some much needed debate in our country. If you would like to discuss the topics of this toon with me, feel free to email.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sam T is the ultimate Internet political satirist.

Sam T, once again you have amazed me with your political satire in your cartoons that are on the same level as of works by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Aaron McGruder, Gary Trudeau, and so on. There's nothing like laughing at the Fox News-controlled Middle America that supports the Bush administration religiously, which your Flash cartoon brutally and brilliantly satires. Like a previous poster said, this wouldn't be as funny if it wasn't true. Thank you for sharing another one of fabulous cartoons on Newgrounds. By the way, I used to work with a woman who looked a hell of a lot like Linda XD. Keep up the good work! I await the next George Bush Show ep!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm a dirty whore and I need a good spanking!

Nice! as 4 those of you who think that this is inaccurate, you simply have never been to the south or midwest, so shut up. I loved this flash, and as it just so happens, I'm gay, so if any of you have any arguments about 'choosing to be gay', I'll be happy to show my opinion about that kinda idiocy. As for Sam, two words; Thank you!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love reading the reviews for your movies!

Here are the type of comments that I like...

Inaccurate stereotypes - To that I say Bullshit! The ultraconservative,redneck community where I grew up is exactly like this. The 3 of us in town who were liberal were lucky to escape alive.

You've never met a conservative - No, I interact with them daily, and their lack of open mindedness is repulsive.

Gays choose to be that way - Oh yeah, they choose a lifestyle of persecution and abuse. Seriously, did you wake up one day and decide to be straight, or did you just follow your bliss.

The fact of the matter is that Evangelicals bring their evil concept of world domination to the political arena and then whine about "liberals" being against "people of faith". These people who proclaim themselves "people of faith" are less God serving than self-serving, and are just sad little tools of the republican party. I look forward to seeing you hypocrites in hell.


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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice work

I wish people could be more open minded when they watch something like this instead of automatically getting defensive and feeling like they need to counter-attack. And for those of you who don't think people like this exist take my word for it that they do, I live in Tennessee and go to school with them. Anyways nice flash, keep it up.

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This was a nice animation i liked it. It showed just how ignorant people can be. Like for instance the characters called themselves christians but only lived by certain parts of the bible they choosed to live by. A true christian should live by all parts of the bible. (except for the old testament where it speaks of the laws that God had given Moses, because of course when Jesus came he replaced the old laws) It is true the bible does say homosexuality is a sin *somewhere in the new testament don't have my bible on me :(* but the bible also says not to judge others. Well anyways nice animation i laughed and cried (well not cried) but i did laugh. Young Animators!
P.S. Being overweight isn't a sin...being a glutton is though.

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