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Apr 5, 2005 | 3:30 PM EDT

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Sorry about the sound, it's crappy at times cause i had to reduce it cause of file size... anyway, ¥¥¥ENJOY!¥¥¥



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

yeh its nice

i liked it

BreadFruitLock responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars


I feel for you! I think i love you...
baby baby when i play eith you, cant believe cant believe its true
the things that you do to me?

BreadFruitLock responds:

I... I love you too... <3


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


That wasn't very good at all. The frames drawn for the robotic imitation-Gir made me believe that it was going to be frame-by-frame, and in part it was--but it lacked cohesiveness.

The sound is outright terrible. NG gives you up to 5 MB--so you could've afforded to up the sample quality a lot more--assuming that's what ruined it and that there weren't issues before the translation. The voiceacting is godawful because you can't understand anything they're saying. Whatever funny might've been produced from it was lost because of this. There's hardly any sound effects used in the movie at all. You should use a better microphone or get someone else to voiceact.

The graphics are extremely jerky and varying in quality, but the animation is where things especially went wrong. Very little regard is given to timing and pacing of the movie--it just kinda drags, yet nothing funny actually happens.

Spend more time on these and they'll come out better.

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BreadFruitLock responds:

Yeah, sorry, i agree with you fully, and when i sent it with the good sound newgrounds said i was over 5MB, so i have to figure out how to delete some of my really crappy submissions. Also, in my next flash, i am going to speed the story cause it was "draging" like you said. And "Spend more time on these and they'll come out better", did this in 2 days, my next one i shall take you're advice, perhaps summer. Welp, sorry i disappointed ya! But thanks for you're time otherwise!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


That was good! I really loved the way your robot guy morphed into other objects (spec. the toaster :P). But, yeah, sound letting you down. Oh, and in the little chase scene your backdrop went kind of wonky. Don't know quite how you'd fix that. If this got tidied up a little, and you got your voices fixed, it'd be a winner.
Good work

BreadFruitLock responds:

You no like toaster :P? Anyhoo, thanks!
Yes, I plan on making anthor one and spending more then 2 days on it. THANKZ YOU!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It was kind of good. But the dumb chat language was REALLY stupid to put in the subtitles.

BreadFruitLock responds:

I only put (semi) leet when the little guy spoke, besides the "h8". Sorry, i love leet, but i guess i am "REALLY stupid" :(... thanks anyhow.