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Mar 30, 2005 | 2:27 PM EST

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    Miss Dynamite Hot anime chicks in skimpy outfits... Brutal violence... And PS2! Heaven!

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Edit April 1st 2005: April Fool's! There was no hack!!!
HAHAHA! Ihacke sirKowski you tout you were so grate fo making fun of the brain dead bot the LORD LOOKS ON ON YOU???OK now we make Missdynamite 17 next you if you like if you dont like JESUS IS ANGRY OK???yes we Bring sirKowski website bak wen He excuses ok DONT MAKE FUN OF TERY CHIOVA!!ok



Rated 0 / 5 stars


I imagine that this is an April Fool's joke but the movie still sucked. Though it is pretty funny that you got everyone riled up about your site getting hacked. Anyway I gave it a 0, I don't come to newgrounds for opinions on controversial issues, I come here to laugh.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I went to the site and saw that it "got haxxored" by Christian hijackers. I clicked the link, and before I even watched the movie, I laughed my ass off at the score it received. Why? Because a lot of you sorry asses seem to forget that soon it will be APRIL FOOL'S DAY and still proceeded to post flames, believing that Sirkowski's site and NG account got hacked by talentless punks. Of course, the majority of reviewers are naive youths, but it still doesn't excuse the brain farts that are apparent in the reviews. You're supposed to review the movie, not attack the author, anyway.

As for the movie itself, of course it's crap in quality, but it's ties into a bigger funnier joke. I enjoyed it, and I hope more NG viewers are smart enough to see it as nothing more than the AF Day joke that it is. Kudos, Sirkowski.

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what the hell is wrong with you

he wasnt making fun of her you dipSH*T. he was expressing his oppionion that shes suffered enough and those morons in the goverment should let her go. she is brain dead. you said it yourself. she has nothing left. let her go. if you were offended by sirks way of expressing his oppionion you shouldnt even watch it. his mind is just violent and aggresive these the only ways he knows to express his oppions. you dont like it, deal, but dont make all of sirks fans pay for somthing that you took badly.

ps. your a horrible hacker you know that? the only page you actualy hacked was the index. eeverything else is there.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

awww what's wrong Christian?

are you upset that people actually don't go to church, and in a few years your churches will be empty? awwwwww here, get your Swedish ass raped by the priest, that'll cheer you up. you fucking christian.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


Ok so some jackass did this atrocity because of the cartoon about schiavo and they think that god or jesus is angry?? ok moron, if you dont like the message, you don't have to read it. Why the hell are you wasting your time, and our time with this PoS cartoon. If you don't like cartoons just look on some religious website or sumthing and pray or some crap. I didn't click on sirkowski's miss dynamite cartoon to see some guys garbage because he's mad and wants to throw some sort of tantrum, grow up. Hell, if you didn't like the message you could make a cartoon under your name in response,you know. So get off sirkowski's account so we can see the rest of miss dynamite series instead of the no talent garbage waste. However IF this was a an eloborate april fools joke, then this is one hell of a joke.