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Final Fantasy Day Care 3

rated 4.20 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Mar 15, 2005 | 7:42 PM EST
  • Frontpaged March 16, 2005
  • Daily Feature March 16, 2005
  • Weekly 4th Place March 16, 2005

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Author Comments

**2/16/05** Front Page, Daily Feature, AND Weekly 4th!! thanks people!

- Now with a movie timer! -
Happy Ides of March!! Make sure you watch episodes 1 and 2 before this or you wont really understand it. Hey guess what? you find out why it is called FF Day Care now! that is, if youre not stupid.
fan and supporter - shockydragon AIM = IlyaandNick (happy now?!)



Rated 1 / 5 stars


every entry thus far has been a dissapointment...too short, too stupid, no plot, bad sound, bad voicing...the only good part about this series is the animation...Please stop torturing final fantasy with this...

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


That was really good. Cant wait for the next one. Keep up the good work...


Rated 2 / 5 stars


The reviewer Joseph_Collins not only has a true and modest review but look how well written and long it is! I personally hate Final Fantasy and have never played a console made by sony, But you all like it for some reason. Thats fine with me just everyone has forgotten about ADAD (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons!) Every single RPG game / movie / tribute or anything should probably say something about ADAD in the credits. Just wondering was this susposed to be funny?! Maybe its cos i neva played Final Fantasy or maybe i just dont get it, Dont be racist to the asians thats just sick.

My review is just my personal opinion, not the overall opinion of the group. I think ill give it a 3!

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice Work

Nice work man. Good animation, and good humor. Not the funniest thing I've seen, but it made me laugh. All three episodes have been good, cant wait for more.

and dont listen to friggin Joseph_Collins.... I have never seen him give a really good review. It seems he is just out to write bad reviews for the sake of writing bad reviews most of the time, he nit-picks over stupid shit, and has never once written a review that i have found helpfull what-so-ever. If he wants to bitch about every little stupid thing, and berate good artists with horseshit reviews, maybe he should learn to animate! Then maybe we can all finally see what his idea of "good flash" is. As if anyone really cares.

Again, good work dude! and keep it up!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Another Month, Another Weak Candidate

[NOTICE: See FFDC2 review for name-related references, so you know who I'm talking about, and why I renamed them like the game characters they are.]

Would'ja look at that. Another four. Big shocker there. Get ready for yet another bad review, Jardim.(Like you actually READ the first two. . .)

The graphics in this one were on-part with the graphics in the last two movies. This unfortunately means that they were riddled with. . .well. . . Laziness. I'm tempted to say that the graphics in this movie were the laziest graphics yet, in fact. You even went as far as to use whole animation loops from the first two movies in this one!(Adai scraping across the ground with a blood trail, Miro doing the cartoon-like "from off-screen stretchy-step" thing, etc.) It must be KILLING you to have to draw original frames of animation. If the Brothers Chap and Couch Slave Studios can do it once every week, I would THINK that YOU could do it once every MONTH or so.
Also, I'm not deducting for the general Flash Object stuff. A lot of movies reuse objects in different movies.(Again, the Brothers Chap and Couch Slave Studios qualify here. . .) I'm also not deducting for the single misspelled word you have.("Tueday"?)

Style. There is little style to this movie. It's just the same old crap every episode. Adai gets knocked around and/or bleeds, Miro somehow gets screwed by Adai's gross incompetence. . . Gee. . .where have we seen THAT one before? Oh, right. 8-Freaking-Bit Theater!! But at least with 8-Bit Theater, there are flashy Photoshop effects to cover up for Brian's boners.

Next. . .this movie's voices were bland. Seriously. GET. . .MORE. . .VOICE ACTORS!! Look around the freaking forums! Run a web search! Round up people from the neighborhood if you have to! Just get one or two more voice actors! . . .or maybe take some voice-acting lessons. BOTH of you.
Additionally, why change Adai's voice this late in the game and blame it on a "cold"? A COLD for Pete's sake! Couldn't you have made something better up?

Violence. It's a four because there's a sword through a flaming foot, a trail of blood from Adai scraping himself across the ground, and a baby whose head keeps hitting the desk like it were a weeble.(Does not effect Overall score.)

Interactivity. None. Whatsoever. Most movies, however, lack interactivity anyway, so this is beside the point.(Does not effect Overall score.)

Finally, Humor. . . .hate to tell you this, but after three movies, seeing the same old crap over and over again sort of gets boring. In comedy, anyway.(Which explains why Austin Powers lost his "mojo." *rimshot*) Anyway. . . One thing really confuses me. Well. . .a LOT of things, actually. But one thing in particular confuses me, here.(. . .damn. Deja vu.) What the Hell was the point of the Chinese guy? That's not funny. What, exactly, is funny about a Chinese guy going on and on like an eighty-four year-old man? NOTHING. And when he's pushed over. . .he takes damage? NUMERIC damage? Why hasn't Adai taken any numeric damage yet? Hm?(This reeks vaugely of Final Fantasy Sonic, come to think of it.)

So. . . One again, you fail to impress me, yet continue to sway all of these Final Fantasy fanatics simply because you made an animated 8-Bit Theater rip-off which CLAIMS to be anything BUT that.(And lies through its freaking metaphorical teeth.) Congratulations. You are the true King of Fools, dear lad.

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