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Mar 11, 2005 | 1:30 PM EST

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The best SK8 movie in ages.
Reviews are MUCh appreciated, and will be replied to. <3

Alkaline Trio - This Could be Love
Screeching Weasels - American Suicide



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


It's obvious you have talent ruthie, but it seems like you don't put much effort, I really don't blame you, everyone here expect professional flashes.
First off, graphics. Pretty poor to be honest, the loading/begining wasn’t all that impressive, but it's actually one of the best features in this flash. You might at least want to add a cool background or something, you could add a few easy features to make this better, such as maybe a credit screen, or a decent menu, which you've done in other flashes. I thought after the loading screen the graphics would be better but to my dismay they were exactly the same before, only now you had a somewhat poorly drawn back ground. Not exactly giving us eye-candy is it? I am disappointed to say that this style of graphics was the same all the way through, A very short loop, that pauses for a second. The character itself isn't the best either, just a smile face, but it is evident you have the ability to add nice shading. you did were very and gave the flash a cheap look and the attitude that you just couldn’t be bothered that much, and I can’t enjoy a game or flash as much when I know that the author didn’t put as much effort into their work as they could have. Obviously you should get rid of this poorly done character and add more graphics into the flash! Add a cool background, draw the girl better, maybe even add more and make them animated and try to vary your graphics a bit, it gets extremely boring looking at the same screen over again. This is where overall the flash feels like a huge letdown, because it had the potential to go so much further ; but I feel you restricted its boundaries by putting less care and effort into this, and you also didn’t develop your idea enough. I’d like to see some animation here. For example, the background of the game could be changable, or maybe interactive or whatever . You would get to see the both of you dance, and perhaps a little mini game could come up where you have to press buttons at the right time to dance. This would be the same for the other actions and you would actually be able to see the girl interact and talk to you, so you should add on more actions to do I suggest you add a button where you can talk to the girl and ask her different questions, she could tell you about herself.
Next, sounds. The song was actually quite good, although during the loop there is a slight pause before the scene is restarted. Perhaps you could give us sound effects when you carry out the actions and a voiceover for the girl to talk to you?
Overall a poor flash. It has good potential, the shading and somewhat of the character desigm, and it looks like good tweening abilities, but it looks like you don't have the time or patience to make a great flash, which you are capable of doing.

:'( obviously kissing your ass threestar goes no where, since you probably are sucked up to all the time, I already know you wont take any of this advise, you could put all that effort into a flash, and it would probably get a similar score to this one. goes to show you it isn't all about the flash, its just who you are. like amirite

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ThreeStar responds:

Dude, this is like 2 years old. There's no WAY i'm updating it.

I see what you're saying, but the point of this entire thing isn't for it to be a good Flash. It wouldn't be funny if it were well made.


PS. Ass-kissing is a more effective technique. fjgghh


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I haven't been on NG in awhile

which is actually odd since I discovered there's something called a life, which I've been spending bits of my time on. The trip to Illinois, the baby shower my mom asked me to help decorate for, and the virus and hacker invasion I've been fighting relentlessly since I got back from my vacation. Throw in a terrible internship helping maintain a network and you got my schedule. Whoop dee do. I just got my license, and they already expect an admin? pssh...

Either way, I've BS'd long enough so onto what's left for review. This thing was called a Radical Sk8 Flash. While there was a skater, the radicalness was really deep down. The skater, wanting to be a radical cool sk8r, finds herself or himself hoping and yearning for a cooler life than hers, thus the music and the name for radical She is only radical on the inside, yet cannot become what she truly wishes to be. All of us, even myself, probably feel this way at one time or another. I know I do.

Though, I suspect it was more than likely a one time foil character. :P It did bring a slight grin to my face, but nothing verbal. Pretty respectable. And to conclude my perhaps useless review, I will reiterate once more:

"I'm not stalking anyone." g'day.

ThreeStar responds:

Of course she can be what she wants to be. She's champion skater Ruthie Proctor. I can do anything.

Just take a look, it's in a book!

Yeah, I'm not going to make this response into a blog like you did, but maybe you'll learn something nevertheless. :0

PS: ommmggggggg <3


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


well, it was a good joke, try and compile say, 5 or six into one movie. It was a good joke, well, not reli funny....

ThreeStar responds:



Rated 2 / 5 stars


Do you think it is funny to manipulate me to think that maybe, if I watch it for a minute something would happen? It is not funny at all, and the whole concept of this movie is just morally wrong >:-(
Firstly, the graphics are actually fine for a crappy movie like that. The background seems like a lot of thought has gone into it. About the charecter, you could have put some more efforts to it. The animation itself is pretty simple, moving it from here to there and loop. The sound which you chose was horrible, I hate it! The movie also didn't have a script (I know this is how you meant it to be) which made it just awful in every way. Just make some normal movies which are not just meant to be annoying, please.

ThreeStar responds:

"Do you think it is funny to manipulate me to think that maybe, if I watch it for a minute something would happen?"

Short answer: Yes.

I'm gonna save myself and the world from a lot of hot air here and just tell you that you have an awful sense of humor.

Good day, sir.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Nothing inside

The graphics are definetely great. But there is not too much inside. I mean, dude, all that I can see is a skater skating. That's not enough for me to give you a good score, sorry.

ThreeStar responds:

Thanks for the actual review. ;D

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