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Mar 8, 2005 | 9:07 AM EST

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I did this shortly after the Mac mini was released, just for fun. My friend PhoenixJ asked if I would post it here, so here it is. Info is at the end of the movie.



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damn mac to hell

oh yes buy a mac and you can play all kinds of games like warcraft......and.......solitare.............and uhhh........minsweeper maybe.

plsss i paid 400 for my windows xp and i can acually do more than surf the net and burn shitty dvds off of itunes. so pay 400 for a computer that works or 500 for a shitty macentosh.


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Now only one thing left to do...

an ad for p.c. maybe make it a parody or a real ad
that was great, keep it up


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

amazing detail in graphics

that was an awesome flash. like the review before me. you should work for apple. you covered everything and had it in sync with the song. great detail and a great job. keep up the good work


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Like he said. I thought the same thing

like what giant_jimmy_jones said. You really should work for apple!

The only problem though with Apples, is that a lot of stuff is NOT compatable with it (unfortunately). And at schools, they use microsoft stuff. not macs. I would use macs if all of my stuff was compatable with it (which it isnt)

Very nice though. If i was looking for a computer, that commercial might win me over.



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Good song, fucking pub

I'm not the admin here, but I don't think we need that publicity stuff around here.....Internet's full of that shit :)